Improving Our Home Lives Through Robotics

It is amazing to think about how fast our world has changed and how correct the predictions of both The Jetsons and Back To The Future were. When we discussed the extraordinary progress the Internet of Things has had, we started to approach this subject from a more pedagogical perspective. Today, we want to discuss another area of this astonishing technology: Robotics.

In this article, we’ll see a few examples of robots that can help us improve our lives at home. We’ll compare these fantastic solutions to what we used to do before they existed, and we will imagine what the future might look like when our children get to design these artifacts.

Let’s begin with this selection of robots that can considerably improve our lives at home… But here’s one last tip before we begin: Open Amazon, eBay, or any other local store website in a parallel tab on your browser… most likely, you’ll want to buy one of these things for yourself right after you finish reading this article.

3 amazing robots that will improve your home life

Who would have said that one day, a broom’s job would be done by a robot? Well… that day arrived a few years ago already. Not only that, nowadays, thanks to robotics we can keep our houses safe, and even prepare outstanding cocktails to enjoy an evening in the middle of the summer.

This goes way beyond the amazing Alexa, or the breathtaking Google’s Assistant. These robots will make you feel like you are in a futuristic movie… but at home and in the present. Great, right?


Since the very first appearance of iRobot, this amazing technology has progressed a lot. This tiny robot that helps you clean your floors can now be connected to an app for you to control which areas of your house you want it to clean.

Even if cats have lots of fun playing (or fighting) with the iRobot, it is amazing to make it work from a distance just a few hours before arriving home, in order to enter a home which is shining.

See? Apps and robots together.


A friendly robot to assist you in anything you need at home. Just like Rosie the Robot from The Jetsons, Aido will assist you with a number of different tasks. Aido has an interactive projector, multiple sensors, and amazing mobility that will allow you to enjoy its features wherever you are at home. Aido receives instructions by voice, or via its modern and good looking touch screen.

Almost everything Aido does is done via its built-in projector. This projector can help your children learn, the handyman or woman of the house fix things, and the house chef to cook delicious meals, among many other things.

Did you know that in Tekkie Uni’s Robotics course, your children can learn how to program virtual and real robots? Did you also know that each student will receive their very own virtual version of the LEGO Mindstorms EV3? Check it out, here!

Automatic Plant Watering Robot

This amazing little robot is something your kids could do themselves by only learning a few robotics principles in one of Tekkie Uni’s robotics courses. What can this robot do? Something pretty important: Water your plants.

One of its sensors will check if the soil is either dry or wet and water that specific plant accordingly.

This DIY project can be done at home with a real version of the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 your children will learn to use in Tekkie Uni’s online learning environment.

Let your children program their very own virtual robot

Knowing how to program robots is knowing how the world works. Robots are everywhere and enabling your children to learn how to code them properly will open professional doors for them to a number of possible, breathtaking careers.

In Tekkie Uni’s online coding classes they’ll learn how to do this in a safe, open, fun environment, where extraordinary instructors will explain to them not only how to program robots, but also how to achieve their own, personal goals. The time is now.


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