A New Way of Teaching and Engaging

If we know one thing for sure, it is that we must constantly improve the way in which we educate, in order to keep our students happy, learning, and engaged. With that goal in mind, we have been sharing content with you that aims to serve as an inspiration to reach new levels of success when educating your kids.

For example, do you remember when we discussed 3 amazing Markerspace projects? Or when we showed you some great robotics projects you can do at home with your kids? Today, we want to take it one step forward. Today, we want to introduce you to a whole new concept you might have never heard about. Today, we are going to discuss the miLAB.

What is the miLAB and how can it help your kids?

Oren Zuckerman, TekkieUni’s pedagogical advisor, founded miLAB after completing his Ph.D. at the Lifelong Kindergarten group at MIT Media Lab in Cambridge, MA in the United States.

His goal was to create a lab inspired by the large MIT Media Lab. The dream was to create an interdisciplinary prototyping lab to empower students to create meaningful interactive experiences and study how these technologies influence human behavior.

Many industry partners, VCs, accelerators, and entrepreneurs joined the effort, and are helping us empower students to think and act more creatively.

Today, the miLAB team is the leading lab in the field of Human-Computer Interaction or HCI. They strive to create a stunning space, earn recognition in the international academic community, and research projects in a variety of fields including tangible interaction, internet of things (IoT), social robotics, wearables, drones, and technology for creative learning.

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The space of a miLAB

According to Zuckerman, the ideal space of a miLAB merges between research and teaching. It is designed to accommodate the different needs of both the students and faculty. The space enables instructors to balance between different modes of teaching while integrating more group-based learning sessions.

The miLAB has prototype workshops with photography studios and an experimentation room, which allow students to gain knowledge on their own and discover new and effective ways of learning.

Big players collaborating with miLAB

This genius idea has an extensive list of collaborators because great ideas deserve great support! Big players like Stanford University, Cornell Tech, Cornell University, the Weizmann Institute of Science, the Scratch Foundation, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and the MIT Media Lab, among others, are on the list of institutions who support the growing project of miLAB.

Online, live classrooms: A great way to innovate in education

Just like he did when creating miLAB, Zuckerman makes sure that every TekkieUni class is an enjoyable experience for our students. In our live, online courses, your kids will participate in an open, supportive environment where they’ll develop several 21st-century skills while learning how to code, build their first app, program a robot, and create videos for their own YouTube channel.

Do it for your kids, do it for their future! Check out our live, online courses here and discover the effectiveness of our refreshing teaching methodology.


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