About Us

We focus on kids' education, preparing them for a fascinating digital future.

Our vision:
Empower Kids with Coding

Coding is a new form of literacy, a must-have skill for every young person, no matter their career plans. Our classes transform tech-consuming kids into active creators and innovators who express themselves through code.


Our Teaching Philosophy: Live Instruction, Inspiring Teachers, Supportive Peers

Kids learn best when they have caring teachers and supportive peers. Live interaction online with teachers and fellow classmates provides the inspiration our students need to succeed in coding.

  • Learning by Doing

    Kids learn best by doing. Our classes allow kids to gain hands-on experience while working on coding projects.
  • Guided Learning

    The teacher leads the learning process, engaging students, motivating them, and encouraging questions — there are no wrong answers!
  • A Playful Approach to Learning

    Our informal class atmosphere includes role-play of real-world scenarios and creative exploration, such as projects sparked by student interests.

Industry leaders in
Online Education

eTeacherGroup develops human-centered education technology and has provided live instruction courses online since 2000. TekkieUni is one of the company's successful virtual schools, teaching kids coding, robotics and digital art.
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Experts in Kids' Education

Our teaching team is comprised of coding mentors who understand kids and care about students’ personal development.

Andrea Orellana

Step App Your Game
Andrea is a fully bilingual, Modern Languages graduate from Venezuela. Teaching, writing, and...

Fabián Alonso

Step App Your Game
Fabián is a Biotechnology and Software Engineering graduate from Mexico. His excellent people...

Bar Aboodi

App Development Stars Elementary
Bar is a graduate of the Computers and Physics tracks in high school, and a student of educational...

Gabriela Romina Martinez

Step App Your Game
A postgraduate student in Education and Digital Culture, blog writer, media producer, educator, and...

Itamar Shenfeld

Start App Your Innovation
Itamar is a medical student at Tel Aviv University. In his free time, he likes to dive. He says...

Adrien Chaix

App Development Stars Elementary
After two years in programing school, he developed several games and programs for him and his...

Cinthya Nestor Lili

Start App Your Innovation
Cinthya is a motivated educator from Mexico, with an MA in Quality of Education. The bulk of...

Ofek Vardi

App Development Stars Elementary
"I could not believe that programming could be learned in such an enjoyable, fun, light and thorough...