How we make it work

There’s no limit to what your kids can do, with the support of our teachers at Tekkie Uni.
Each teacher leads a small group of students, helping them develop their creativity
through innovative projects that inspire the imagination.

The Best Extracurricular Activity, Minus the Carpool

We keep our Tekkie teams small - to enable our instructors to give each Tekkie the attention they deserve. We keep a set, weekly schedule, to create stability and encourage commitment among our students.

  • 2 hours,
    1hr class + 1hr practice
  • Weekly Open-Class Session
  • 10 Students
  • 9 Months


Learning online in real-time

Our classes take place online in a virtual classroom, where a small group of students meets their teacher once a week. We use web conference technology that allows live student-teacher interaction, including screen sharing, so everyone can see what the teacher is doing on their desktop. Students can ask questions and participate either by using their computer microphone or the chat. This method of teaching adds a social aspect as well as an emotional element that supports the kids’ learning process.

Additional Weekly Practice Sessions

In addition to the 1-hour weekly lesson, students can also join in a weekly practice session, which is run by a teacher, through our online learning environment. Kids can ask questions, discuss topics that have come up in class and get individual attention from the teacher. Since we spend most of the class time working on projects, kids really enjoy participating in these practice sessions and progressing at their own pace.

Lesson Recordings

All the lessons and practice hours are automatically recorded and available to students throughout the course. Kids can listen to these recordings of their class at any time, by logging into the online learning environment. They can also check their course curriculum and download exercises.

24/7 Learning Community

We have a 24/7 learning community, which is managed by the teacher. Students can write questions, thoughts and ideas on the community forum and get a quick response from teachers and friends. The learning community allows kids to expand their knowledge outside of class hours, as well as raising their level of engagement and provides social support.


Our syllabus is divided into projects, where each project becomes a product the kids can share with family and friends. The kids really enjoy working on these projects, where they need to solve challenging problems like calculating angles and distance between players. Their focus, however, is not on these technical issues but on creating their game and showing it to their friends, which is why we dedicate most of our class time to working on these projects.


Our annual courses run during the school year, with a new semester opening every three months due to popular demand. Classes are taught on weekdays during the afternoon and evening, according to local time zones. During school vacations we run fun coding camps, spread over the course of 2 weeks. If you are having difficulty finding a class that's suitable for your child, simply go to the relevant course page and check the schedule or talk to an admissions counselor.

Parental communication

Parent-teacher meeting - A few lessons after the course starts, parents are invited to a parent-teacher meeting to get to know the teacher and familiarize themselves with the course content. Periodic progress emails - During the course, parents receive sequential emails updating them on class progress. Lesson reminders - Parents receive emails, SMS and WhatsApp messages notifying them about upcoming classes. Absence alert email - Each time a kid doesn't show up to class, their parent receives an email update, offering help if necessary.

We care about your child's privacy

Tekkie Uni complies with COPPA: Children's Online Privacy Protection Act. As a parent, you can manage the settings of your child's learning environment, deciding what s/he can see, do and share while studying. Read more about Our Privacy Policy and COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection ) Notice.


Best of Technology and Best of Education

Long gone are the times when code was a tool of the selected few.
With the aid of technology, we bring the gift of innovation to kids everywhere.

  • Learn

    A front row seat to education. Tekkies can view their instructor on screen all through the class.
  • Participate

    Every question answered. Instructors take questions vocally and via chat
  • Review

    Missed something? No worries. All sessions are available for review.
  • Create

    Make your own tech. Graduate every year with new Tekkie apps of your own. Welcome to the big leagues.


Tekkie sessions take place online, with a live video feed from an experienced and attentive teacher. Tekkie teams are set - so your child can develop trust and comfort and create shared experiences with both their teacher and their team.