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Coding and creative courses for your employees' kids

Coding and creative courses for your employees' kids

At Tekkie Uni, we believe that STEAM education is vital for every child’s education. We combine aspects from science, tech, engineering, art, and math to teach courses like coding, app development, video creation, and more. These skills will help them navigate the world and venture to fine-tune their interests and talents.


Our online courses include:

  • App development
  • Coding (Scratch, Python, JavaScript)
  • Robotics
  • Video Editing for YouTube
  • Animation
  • Chess
  • UI and UX
Have a look at some of the cool things our students have created

Why choose Tekkie Uni?

A world of learning awaits!

Your child has a curious mind. Our courses complement each other – especially for those always seeking a new adventure.

Learn by doing

When kids make something, they get excited! We divide our course offering into projects which kids can share with family and friends.

Real-time feedback

Most of our class time is spent on projects. During this time your child can ask questions and get immediate answers from classmates and the instructor.

What do we offer your organization?

Employee benefits

Add value to your employee experience by offering quality online education for their children at discounted rates.

Social Impact

Education is one of the best ways to invest in people. Empowering your employees to give this opportunity to their kids will have long-lasting effects. Organizations can also sponsor children from specific areas or schools and invest in your local community's educational empowerment.

HQ Camps

We offer customizable online coding camps. In these workshops, a small group of kids will learn and create projects together. We can tailor the duration of these camps and the course offering to your preferences.

Success stories


The model: Two weeks of coding classes


The outcome of the workshop: Learn scratch or app development, create a project and soft skill development


Tekkie Uni for Business partnered with Amazon France to support kids at home during the 2020 lockdown. Tekkie Uni offered two coding camps: Scratch coding camp for kids aged 8 and 9 and an app development camp for kids aged 10 – 13. Both courses required two weeks of commitment from kids, and both allowed kids to learn in the safety of their own homes. Amazon France fully supported tuition.


Student lesson feedback rating: 9.4 / 10

Parental course recommendation: 9.1 / 10

Contribution to student motivation to study computer science: 9.1 / 10

Intel, Microsoft, and IBM

The model: a jam-packed 5-day 8 hours per day program with 25 elementary school kids (on average aged 10 – 13)


The outcome of the workshop: teach the kids the basics of coding and ensure soft skill development


Now, even hardened educational professionals might say this was a tall order, but when you have a fantastic team of instructors, it’s incredible to see what happens. Our instructors know that kids learn best when playing and having fun.


On day one, the kids meet each other for the first time. Most of them don’t know anything about coding or inventing something new. Four days later, you have a team that has created a unique app-based game. On the workshop’s final day, children presented their final projects in groups. The presentation put their soft skills to the test. We guide kids to show how to prepare a presentation, but when they showcase their work to their parents, we sit back and observe. The kids run the show! To see children working together with peers, they’ve never met and tell us about their app after only four days of learning is incredible! The energy and enthusiasm that each group showed were enriching.


The model: Seven months of weekly online meetings (1.5-hour sessions) with high schoolers aged 14 and 15. We had approximately 20 students (mostly girls) from the Arabic community in Israel.


The outcome of the workshop: Learn how to build an app, express, and develop ideas and strengthen their confidence.


Amdocs partnered with an Arabic school with kids from underprivileged areas. Amdocs wanted to uplift and develop these kids who would not necessarily have the means or tools to learn to code. One of the most significant changes our instructors saw was how children’s confidence improved. Kids who would not speak at the beginning of the course interacted with their classmates and instructor. Everyone became keen to present and share ideas. Ultimately, they became a group of confident children who were happy to work and learn.

Outstanding organizations; passionate parents

Major corporates and their top-talent employees have entrusted us to upskill their children. Tekkie Uni for Business allows organizations to connect their employees' kids with excellent learning opportunities.

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Offer your employees – and their children – industry-leading coding and creative courses

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Based on reviews

Tekkie Uni is an amazing opportunity to get young people into different forms if technology and software this will give them a headstart in our quickly changing digital world.Tekkie Uni is an amazing opportunity to get young people into different forms if technology and software this will give them a headstart in our quickly changing digital world.

Mahmood Abdulrasheed , IE

The best way to introduce tech to your child & engage their curiosity This has been a fantastic venture that our 13 yr old has thoroughly enjoyed. As a parent I know that he is picking up industry skills that they do not learn in school & will be well prepared for later life.

Pav B. , GB

I love the interactive sessions so much and the fact that my girl is so happy for the opportunity to learn coding. I listen in on the class and like how knowledgeable the teacher is and how he interacts with the preteens is awesome

Lisa Ouma , KE

My daughter loves it, so I do! My daughter was a bit skeptical about it at first but after the trial session, she begged to continue as she said the teacher was really nice and sounded like a professional teacher!

Ug , GB

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