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Why Critical Thinking is So Important for...

Critical thinking. The ability to think for yourself. To not be swayed by the masses. To critically analyze books, movies, and news to have an[...]

Kasparov vs. Deep Blue

Forget the Rumble in the Jungle. The single most significant sporting event in the 20th century was not between two heavyweight boxers pounding[...]

The Advantages of Kids Being Bored

Once upon a time… in a faraway land, you sailed the seas, exploring islands where buried treasures lurked, and fought swashbuckling swordsmen[...]

The Greatest Chess Masters

The grand game that makes you a master general. Chess. The grand game of strategy. A game that teaches the intricacies of careful planning and[...]

Holistic Learning:
5 different...

Even though one of the most magical and meaningful moments of our lives is seeing the birth of our children, when it comes the time to raise[...]

13 Astonishing Coding Facts You Didn’t...

Coding is much more than just that. It goes beyond pure programming and algorithms. As we have said in the past, coding is a way of thinking.[...]

Tekkie Uni teaches the power of networking....

Long, long ago, in an era where we had to avoid being sabretooth cat snacks, we developed tools that aided our survival. As so-called cavemen,[...]

Coding glossary:
12 Programming-related...

Fact: If our children want to succeed in tomorrow’s world, they must learn how to code. Yes, even if they want to be lawyers, veterinarians,[...]

Algorithms in computer science and math for...

Math can be a nightmare for any kid who doesn’t realize it’s simpler than they think. When in middle school and high school, we suffered[...]