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Tips for Video Content Creators, Part 2

In the second part of our video content creation series, we’re going to look at the pre-production elements of making content — mainly on[...]

Tips for Video Content Creators, Part 1

So, you have an aspiring little creative in the house? Your child uses your smartphone almost as much as you do? Do they love to photograph and[...]

Dreaming with your child:
how to help...

What do you want to be when you grow up?  a typical question asked to a young child. ‘An Astronaut!” “A Cop!” “A Superhero!” “A[...]

Why Critical Thinking is So Important for...

Critical thinking. The ability to think for yourself. To not be swayed by the masses. To critically analyze books, movies, and news to have an[...]

Kasparov vs. Deep Blue

Forget the Rumble in the Jungle. The single most significant sporting event in the 20th century was not between two heavyweight boxers pounding[...]

The Advantages of Kids Being Bored

Once upon a time… in a faraway land, you sailed the seas, exploring islands where buried treasures lurked, and fought swashbuckling swordsmen[...]

How the Chess Board is like the Boardroom

Chess. The classic game of strategy and tactics. Of knights leaping over pieces to score captures. Of bishops sliding diagonally to seize the[...]

The Greatest Chess Masters

The grand game that makes you a master general. Chess. The grand game of strategy. A game that teaches the intricacies of careful planning and[...]

Holistic Learning:
5 different...

Even though one of the most magical and meaningful moments of our lives is seeing the birth of our children, when it comes the time to raise[...]