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3 Amazing Inventions of Augmented Reality for Kids

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Chade-Meng Tan: Kindness, technology, mindfulness and innovation

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The most educational YouTube channels for kids

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How can programming help kids who are not into science or technology?

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5 people who changed the world of mobile phones

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Amazing apps for kids
to learn music

There’s one thing we have to learn as fast as we can, in order to become the best version of ourselves as parents. Our parenting skills will[...]

Challenges parents face when kids learn online

It has been a difficult couple of months for the entire world. We have not only been dealing with an unknown virus that is threatening humanity,[...]

3 things your kids can create during summer vacation

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Develop problem solving skills by thinking like a programmer: Here’s how!

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The values of entrepreneurship your children must learn

Those who are changing the world and actually making it a better place, are those who do. The people who take their dream scenarios,[...]

Challenges children face when learning online

Even though we deeply believe in the power of online learning, this new educational paradigm that is becoming more and more powerful every day,[...]

Creative ways to keep your kids entertained at home during a pandemic

After a forced quarantine that affected, or is still affecting, almost every country in the entire world, society had to face new problems and[...]