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In their second year, Innovators don't just learn how to code, but also how to develop tangible skills for the real world.

Course Description

In their sophomore year, tekkies learn how to make their apps smarter and cooler. The program focuses on more advanced app-making skills together with project management and teamwork skills development.

What will you be able to do at the end of the course?
  • Advanced coding and implementation of smart code.
  • Strengthen teamwork and social skills by working on joint assignments
  • Developing ideas, plan their execution and implement the different stages of the project

Syllabus Summary

Coding is a means of creative expression. We empower students to build apps that are important to them, and to actively lead the project from A to Z.

  1. My Interactive App

    Tekkies will develop an App that combines players' interaction.

    MathDragons is a mobile app that introduces random questions to pre-defined players while checking their answers and recording the results on a main result's board.

  2. Seven Steps

    Tekkies will learn 7 steps to successfully develop ideas - How to hold a professional conversation with potential customers, make preliminary sketches, set a budget, and work in a team on a joint development project.

    Seven Steps is a development infrastructure that kids create. The infrastructure allows development teams to work together on the same App.

  3. Bugs, Here We Come!

    Tekkies will study computer bugs and their origin, how to restore code and what should be reported when finding bugs.

    BugWeGo -Tekkies will exercise working with debugger (a computer program that is used to test and debug programs). They will also learn how to run a code on an instruction set simulator.

  4. Sketching and Reading

    Tekkies will study how to use sketches and read data.

    MapGame - The players in this App will travel in the map of America and will be introduced to different countries. They will have to match between the country and the location on the map.

  5. Final Project

    During the work on their own version of an arcade game, Tekkies will learn how to develop a bonus model that will encourage the players to keep on playing.

    ClickMe is an arcade-like game in which the players should press randomly located objects that appear on their screen. They are entitled to a bonus that grows together with their success.

  6. Publish!

    In the last unit, Tekkies will prepare the Apps they worked on during the year for publishing and uploading them in various stores (App Store & Google Play).

Course Team

Our teachers individualize learning. They put their students in the position of being active learners who gain academic and life skills. Great teachers also innovate, collaborate, accept accountability, function as learners, and make efficient use of resources, among other things.

  • Gabriela Romina Martinez
    Gabriela Romina Martinez
  • Tamar Offer
    Tamar Offer
  • Andrea Orellana
    Andrea Orellana

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