AnimationLevel: Beginners (ages 8-9)

Kids enjoy creating animated videos while acquiring digital art skills.

Why animation?

Animation sparks the imagination and brings drawings to life. Magic occurs when a character we have just sketched in our notebook suddenly awakens, moves around and smiles at us from the page. But what is the secret of animation? And how do you actually do it? Learning animation combines elements of drawing and painting skills, and knowledge of the laws of physics such as motion, acceleration and more. In this course we give children the opportunity to gain hands-on experience through working on different art projects. We combine the fun of creating animated videos and learning basic concepts of animation, acquiring computer skills and professional creative tools.

When do our courses start?
We have a few starting dates so you can choose the class that suits your child’s schedule best. Our next class starts on Thursday, December 07 at 10:05 AM. If you are interested in one of our classes click on the schedule below to start the registration process.

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Course Main Takeaways
  • Level
  • Weekly Hours
    2 hours,
    1hr class + 1hr practice
  • Commitment
    32 classes, 9 months
  • Age
    8 - 9
  • Language
    English * other languages available
  • Location
    Online classes
  • Course registration fee - $50 USD
    Fully refundable, includes 2 trial lessons
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    Then $105 USD monthly for 9 months
    Monthly payments start after trial period
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How will my child benefit from this course?

  • Understanding the basic concepts of animation: acceleration, deceleration, elasticity and more.
  • Developing life skills such as: creative thinking, problem-solving and self-expression.
  • They will learn to manage their projects and cope with challenges, whilst being encouraged by an attentive instructor.

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Student testimonials

Kids have fun learning online, creating and innovating with us. Don't take our word for it - listen to our students' experience!

Course Curriculum

The children will become acquainted with the world of animation, they will learn basic principles of designing objects, people and animals, try out creating frame-by-frame animation and learn advanced concepts such as Stretch & Squash, Acceleration & Deceleration and Ease In & Ease Out. During the course, kids will create 6 of their own animated videos that they can share with family and friends.

Creative Environment



We have chosen PowerPoint because it is easy and simple for young children to use. The software allows the acquisition of the basic concepts of animation combined with professional design tools. The software becomes the creative environment in which the students will experience and design image after image. As we progress towards advanced projects, we will use online software to create GIF and MP4 files made from the students' designs.


Building a boat

Building a boat Initial acquaintance with the teacher, with classmates and with the basic software tools. Kids will learn how to use basic actions such as resizing, moving, and painting.

Flying spaceship

Flying spaceship In this unit, kids will create a spaceship flying through space. They will design the spaceship and the background by using the PowerPoint animation tool. They'll also paint a multilevel colored background and create layers for the video clip.

Jumping ball

Jumping Ball In this unit, kids will experiment with frame-by-frame animation. They will be introduced to new concepts such as Stretch & Squash, Ease In & Ease Out and create a video clip of a ball with a facial expression bouncing across the screen.

News anchor

News anchor In this unit, kids will create a character with a personality using a variety of shapes. They will learn how to create speech animation (Lip sync) and add eye movements. From this project on, the children will create GIF files from their video clips.

Shapes and colors

Shapes and colors During this project, kids will learn how to animate a variety of shapes. They will do so by creating a circular motion while moving a shape. They will also learn how to change the hue and add background to the video clip.

Passing the ball

Passing the ball In this unit, kids will create a ball passing game between two characters. They will learn new concepts in animation such as Arc movement, Personality and Anticipation. In addition, they will learn what copyrights are and how to download pictures and use them as backgrounds in their videos.


Storytelling In their graduation project, kids will create a story and a narrative for their video. Every child will be able to choose whether to build a character from existing instructions or to invent an original character that will represent the “hero” of their video. The children will learn the use of basic tools to create a story and when the project is finished, they will create an MP4 file from their video.

Tekkie Uni teaching team

Tekkie Uni’s teachers are highly experienced in teaching coding for children. They are the heart of the class, teaching online with enthusiasm, encouraging participation and happy to answer every child’s question.

How we make it work

Tekkie Uni specializes in operating live-online sessions with full real-time interaction guided by an experienced and attentive teacher, because we believe that with a little help every child who wants to learn – can!

  • Learning together

    Learning is all about connecting. That's why we use a video conference software allowing the small size group of children to get to know each other and their teacher. The teacher uses a shared screen option so everyone can see what they are doing on their desktop, and kids can fully participate in the lesson by using the microphone or the chat.
  • Hands-on experience

    In addition to the weekly live lessons, students are invited to join a live weekly Q&A session with a teacher present in class. The session is dedicated to provide personal assistance with students' projects, exercises and questions. All the live lessons and practice sessions are automatically recorded and available for students during the course.
  • Project-Based Learning

    Students learn by doing and work on interest-based projects, which create a fun class dynamics where we don't present the answers but look for them together.

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    Have a question?

    • My child has no prior experience with animation, can they participate in the course?

      Yes. We teach from beginner levels with no prior experience.

    • What is your cancellation policy?

      We invite all new students to try a few sessions for a nominal fee that will be fully refunded in case you decide not to continue after the trial period. For further information regarding our cancellation policy click here.

    • Class time zones – what time do your classes start?

      We teach Monday to Friday according to your local time zone. You are welcome to check the schedule and assign yourself to a time that’s most suitable to you.

    • What is the minimum age for online courses?

      We teach kids from ages 7-17. The relevant age group for the Animation course is 10-17. Class assignment is based on age and experience.

    • How can I follow up on my child's progress?

      All the lessons and practice sessions are automatically recorded. We encourage parents to view the recordings and share their feedback. You can also write an email to the child’s teacher to hear more about them.

    • Do I need to purchase special equipment for the courses?

      All you need is a working computer with an Internet connection and you’re set. We work with windows and Mac operating systems. For further information regarding specific course requirements click here.

    • How much does it cost?

      The total tuition for the course is $995, however, registration starts with a trial period of 14 days that costs $50 which is deducted from the total tuition.

    • Can I pay in installments?

      Yes. You can make up to 9 monthly installments (with no interest). For more information please contact our customer service center.

    • What does the trial period include?

      The trial period is basically the first 14 days of the course. Your child will get to know his teacher and classmates, he will use the learning environments and participate in 2 lessons.

    • What happens if I don't want to continue after the trial period?

      You can email us at or call us at: 1-646-233-4171 before the end of the 14 day trial and we will reimburse you.

    • Do I need to let you know if I want to continue with the course after the trial period?

      No. after the 14 day trial just show up to the next lesson and the rest of the payments will be charged automatically.