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In the senior year we develop not only tech skills, but also qualities such as creativity, persistence and social skills needed to build great teams.

Course Description

During senior year, seniors will learn how to design for mobile devices, perfect the user experience and emulate real life startup teams in launching their new advanced apps.

What will you be able to do at the end of the course?
  • Taking the kids' coding level to the next level, the professional level!
  • Developing kids' creativity by teaching them to learn a variety of perspectives and come up with original ideas of their own.
  • Improving teamwork by working cooperatively with other kids towards a shared purpose.

Syllabus Summary

Coding is a means of creative expression. We empower students to build apps that are important to them, and to actively lead the project from A to Z.

  1. Skeleton - Starting a project the right way

    Most programmers are likely able to envision entire applications in their head but, when it comes time to begin writing code and a blank editor window is staring them in the face, they encounter difficulties. Using a "skeleton" that consists of functions and classes is an effective tool to plan and implement complex development projects.

    Three Best Friends is a mobile App that helps users quickly contact their best friends. The App is developed and planned according to the "Skeleton" method.

  2. Clashing with the Real World

    Tekkies will learn about the different kinds and uses of sensors. They will study how to read data from the sensors, analyze this data and adjust the data to the animation in their App. They will also study how to present their projects and deepen their abilities to work in a team. Tekkies will also learn about the QA requirements when launching their Apps in the stores.

    Nowhere Land is an arcade-like game that is based on data transferred from the movement sensors. The App includes clashes, bonus model smart code, dynamic results screen and multi-stage features.

  3. Big Data and Me

    A database is a repository of information managed by a database engine which ensures the integrity of data. Tekkies will learn all about databases - connecting and disconnecting, queries, updates, engines, registrations and much more.

    Clicks is a multi-player game that requires a deep understanding of DB. In the final project, Tekkies will implement all the skills they acquired during their third year.

Course Team

Our teachers individualize learning. They put their students in the position of being active learners who gain academic and life skills. Great teachers also innovate, collaborate, accept accountability, function as learners, and make efficient use of resources, among other things.

  • Tamar Offer
    Tamar Offer
  • Shanik Azcarate
    Shanik Azcarate
  • Fabián Alonso
    Fabián Alonso

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