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Coding and Medicine:
Why doctors should learn how to code

The world is constantly changing. We have access to technology that, just a few decades ago, was unthinkable. In many aspects, our quality of[...]

Coding Vocabulary Part #2: More words and terminology parents need to know

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Coding & Magic:
How exciting coding can be!

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Anticipating and Avoiding problems:
Coding can help!

Problem-solving is a skill we all want for our children. We know that by strengthening this exceptional ability, our children will have a better[...]

Coding and Persistence:
How can our kids become determined when programming

There are numerous unforgettable images for a parent. When your kids mumble their first words, when they make their very first steps, when they[...]

Building an App:
The ultimate way to develop 21st-century skills

When our kids learn by doing, magic happens. It is our responsibility to involve them in learning spaces that are safe, engaging, enjoyable and[...]

Collaboration and Teamwork: How coding powers-up these skills

Coding helps children develop numerous skills. Many of these are related to mathematical and algorithmic thinking; others have to do with[...]

How to guarantee inclusiveness in education?

According to UNESCO, the concept of inclusiveness within the educational context is seen as “a process of addressing and responding to the[...]

Coding and self-expression through H.O.L projects

As parents, there are many things we want for our children. To begin with, we want them to be happy and healthy. Some parents might add success[...]

How coding robots will boost your kids’ self-esteem and teamwork

If there’s one thing we know for sure, is that tomorrow’s world will require from us more teamwork abilities than before. There will be an[...]

Coding from age 7:
Scratch is here to help!

Coding doesn’t have to be something complex or difficult to understand. Some very intelligent people have been developing innovative ways to[...]

Top 6 courses you and your kids can do online

One of the multiple benefits of technological advances is that information is easily accessible. With devices that fit in the palm of our hands,[...]