Coding and Persistence:
How can our kids become determined when programming

There are numerous unforgettable images for a parent. When your kids mumble their first words, when they make their very first steps, when they say “mom” or “dad” for the first time, and when you look at them being focused and persisting with either a game or a task until they fully complete it.

Looking at your young children’s determination when doing something they love until they finally understand how things work, is a priceless reward for parents who want independent, self-confident children.

The question is, are there any available tools or techniques that can help parents increase the level of perseverance in their little ones? What can we do, as their guides, to make them experience in first person the value of seeing a project through to the end? Well, in the hyper-connected and innovative world we live, there are several pathways we can walk along with our kids to get this done.

If you want to aid these vital skills within your child you may be surprised to learn that coding and creativity can help. We will show you how an online course to learn either coding or video production can support your kids to strengthen soft skills like perseverance.

Are you ready to see how your kids can become more determent while programming? Here we go!

Boosting our kids’ determination through coding!

According to the Center for Parenting Education, persistence refers to how long a kid will keep at a specific task. They say that “some children are highly persistent and get highly focused on certain tasks or activities. These kinds of children find it hard to give up or move on until they have accomplished their goal (…)”.

We deeply believe that persistence and perseverance are linked in all levels to how interested our kids are in the specific subject matter. Those children who have low levels of determination and experience troubles when sticking with a specific activity or task might be experiencing a lack of interest in the subject.

How Tekkie Uni instructors go about educating kids in all our courses, help them to not only gain a new skill. Instead, and much more importantly, our educational approach is focused on making children more self-aware and improving their levels of perseverance in the subject at hand and everyday tasks.

Mistakes are learning experiences

One thing is for sure: Mistakes are nothing more than a learning experience. When your kids understand that all the little or big mistakes they make during the creation process will only give them wisdom, experience, and a better understanding of the situation itself, the entire process advances more smoothly and educationally.

When learning how to code or how to create their very own videos, for example, kids will know that not everything is going to work in the way they wanted it to, therefore, they will have to persist and persevere if they want to achieve their goals.

Frustration disappears from the scenario when mistakes are looked at as learning experiences because that will enable young learners to express themselves in a free way while gaining new knowledge in a learning environment that is safe, encouraging, and enjoyable.

There are endless solutions to the same problem

Another thing that can definitely increase our children’s level of perseverance is fully comprehending that there are endless solutions to the same problem. Just like in life itself, when learning how to code your kids will learn that they can get to one solution in a thousand different ways.

This offers them a scenario in which they can try contrasting, diverse potential solutions every time they have to strengthen their problem-solving skills.

Having the possibility to try numerous options will enable them to persist in a highly positive way; always thinking that “if this didn’t work, something else will…”, or even thinking “(…) this worked well, but there must be another solution that also works, let’s find it!”.

Witnessing our children walking through different roads of experience and knowledge is extremely satisfying for us parents.

A chance to turn their dreams into reality

Remember when we discussed that your kids’ genuine interest is profoundly related to your kids’ persistence and perseverance? Well, when your kids have the chance to code, build, and create their very own app they will be doing way more than just writing a few lines of code. While doing this, an idea that originated in their imagination will be turned into a praiseworthy reality.

This motivation will motivate your kids to persist, persevere, and do everything necessary to accomplish their initial goals. It is this exact value that they are going to utilize in every aspect of their lives. Because knowing that anything is possible will teach them that the only key to make their dreams come true is, actually, persistence.

Persistence is just around the corner. Let your kids find it!

You already know what to do. Nurturing your children with the tools they’ll need in the near future is something that has never been easier. In the live, online courses offered by Tekkie Uni, your kids will experience a learning environment that is supportive and encouraging.

All kids will have an opportunity of a lifetime: Grabbing their craziest dreams about technology and innovation and giving the tools to make them a reality, and the wings reach higher hills while believing in themselves.

Check out the variety of courses Tekkie Uni has to offer, enroll your children, and let yourself be surprised.


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