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Team Lead: Meet Tekkie Uni Instructor Duha Abubaker

Duha Abubaker is a whiz when it comes to languages. She went to school for English translation and as a member of a family of programmers,[...]

Team Lead: Meet Tekkie Uni Instructor Batool Fareed

Batool Fareed became interested in coding when she was just a kid; her older brother was studying computer engineering and coded as a hobby.[...]

Kids Need to Learn How to Lose Well.
How Can Chess Help?

Nobody likes losing. When a kid loses a game, they may worry that something is wrong with them personally, that they failed, or that they’re[...]

The most educational YouTube channels for kids

It is amazing to see the natural and smooth interaction young kids have with technology. As if it was something obvious to do, they know exactly[...]

Team Lead: Meet Tekkie Uni Instructor Fabian Perez

Fabian Perez got his start as a teacher when he was a teenager — the age of the students he’s teaching now. When he was 14, his parents had[...]

4 video games with an educational value for your kids

Anything can be turned into educational material. Nowadays, in an era in which educational paradigms are drastically changing, parents and[...]

Team Lead: Meet Tekkie Uni Teacher Julieth Macol Tobar

Julieth Macol Tobar’s passion for learning is what drove her to become a teacher in the first place. “When you are a teacher you get the[...]

Team Lead: Meet Tekkie Uni Instructor Shanik Azcárate

It was never Shanik Azcárate’s plan to be a teacher. When she was growing up in Mexico, and was a student herself, she would always think[...]

Team Lead: Meet Tekkie Uni Teacher Anamaria Paun

Growing up as a child in her native Romania, Anamaria Paun knew she wanted to be a teacher, early in life. It started with a beloved teacher of[...]

Challenges children face when learning online

Even though we deeply believe in the power of online learning, this new educational paradigm that is becoming more and more powerful every day,[...]

Amazing math games
for kids of all ages

All parents struggle when teaching math to their children, unless you are a mathematician yourself. There are even several parenting jokes going[...]

Team Lead: Meet Tekkie Uni Teacher Jennifer Amor

Jennifer Amor never planned to be a coding instructor, but she’s always been a teacher in one way or another. “I never wanted to be a[...]