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Amazing math games
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All parents struggle when teaching math to their children, unless you are a mathematician yourself. There are even several parenting jokes going[...]

Team Lead: Meet Tekkie Uni Teacher Jennifer Amor

Jennifer Amor never planned to be a coding instructor, but she’s always been a teacher in one way or another. “I never wanted to be a[...]

Team Lead: Meet Tekkie Uni Teacher Vicki Snyman

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Computer basics for kids: Important skills, Internet Safety and More

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One-on-one English Lessons for Your Child: Introducing Langaroo

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Tekkie Uni Is Bringing 11 Year Old Alessandro Ramos Closer to His Dream of Going to MIT

Alessandro Ramos is 11 and a half, but he already knows what he wants to be when he grows up: a programmer. He’s already started programming.[...]

Minecraft Modding for Kids: What it is and how it benefits education

When we think about the educational power of games, a thousand ideas come to mind. We deeply believe that the current paradigm of education[...]

3 Activities To Do At Home To Boost Your Kids’ Skills

A few weeks ago, we were proud to share with you the story of Maria Montessori and we went over a few aspects of her praiseworthy educational[...]

Great Educational Apps
For Teens

We know how much time our kids spend on their cellphones. No matter how many times you tell them to actually spend more time outdoors rather[...]

What Does School Look Like Without Tests? Tekkie Uni.

Homework and tests — no one really enjoys either. Kids avoid studying in their own time, parents dread having to nag their kids about it and[...]

Bug Party! How Tekkie Uni Teaches Kids the Value of Mistakes

Most of us believe that mistakes are bad and no one likes being wrong. But mistakes can be a good thing, because we learn from them. Nowhere is[...]