The best educational projects you can do at home with LEGO

Our children are very privileged to live in an era where powerful new educational tools appear every day. Tools that enable them to gain new knowledge in a fun, engaging, and stimulating way. When some of us grew up, we didn’t have the technological advantages kids today have. Kind of envious, right?

But today, we’ll talk about something that we did have when we were younger. And one that is still a powerful educational tool. Both for our children and for ourselves.

Have you ever thought about the educational power LEGO has? Did you know LEGO is more than just building fantastic and colorful towers?

Nowadays, a lot of research has shown LEGO is highly beneficial for our children’s brain development. It nurtures them with endless tools, skills, and abilities to succeed in a future as yet unknown.

We’ll be looking at some of the best educational projects you can do at home with LEGO.

LEGO as a powerful educational tool for kids

One of the reasons LEGO is so beneficial for our kids’ brain development is that it improves concentration. A child’s capacity to focus is enhanced when they hone in on something and become lost in that activity.

Also, manipulating LEGO’s little bricks assists in developing eye-hand coordination and bilateral integration. These, in turn, improve your child’s motor skills.

Few activities may stimulate as much creative energy as a box of mixed Lego bricks (for example, a child creating their own app is one of them). Children have to consider what to make, how to build it, and then bring what they’ve imagined to life.

Benefits of playing with LEGO

As we mentioned earlier, your kids have endless possibilities when learning through a project-based process that uses LEGO as its primary tool. Some of the most important, inherent, and highlighted benefits of playing and learning with LEGO are that it:

1. Enhances social and teamwork skills;
2. Improves communication and language abilities;
3. Aids in problem-solving and your kids’ spatial awareness;
4. Encourages experimentation and creativity;
5. Improves your child’s perseverance and teaches them how to manage frustration;
6. Significant boosts their self-esteem;
7. And it reduces anxiety and stress.

So, the sooner you introduce your children to LEGO, whatever their age, the better. Especially with the wide variety of skill-developing projects available.

For instance, there are some great robotics projects. The LEGO Education Division offers your children a wide range of these they can have fun with. In a previous article, we shared 5 amazing robotics projects your kids can do with LEGO. We encourage you to have another look. Be careful, though! You may want to play LEGO with your kids all day long.

Great educational lessons provided by LEGO

It is time to share some great videos with you! In these videos, you and your kids can view some of the best science experiments with LEGO. Also, you’ll see an exceptional mix of fun educational activities to do at home.

Ready to drop your jaw? Watch these videos and be amused.

Oh! And let’s not forget about these 5 exciting science experiments you can do with LEGO.

Give your kids the tools they need for a better and brighter future

As parents, it’s our responsibility to give our children the tools they need to make a better future for themselves. As well as for the society that surrounds them. Therefore, provide them with learning environments in which they’ll strengthen their social skills. This is best done through an integrated socio-emotional learning process.

One of the best ways to help your kids gain these tools and skills is by enrolling them in a course that understands their needs. And understands the complexity of our future. Courses like coding, advanced chess-playing, and even YouTube content creation.

These will welcome your kids into a network of empowered change agents… kids, like them, that want to master new skills to turn their dreams into breathtaking realities.


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