5 Cool Robotics Projects

It has been proven that robotics is an amazing way for kids to start walking the paths of STEM, coding, and programming. It is engaging, fun, and challenging: 3 critical elements any new class should have for kids to both like it, and learn new skills.

A few weeks ago we talked about amazing robotics competitions for kids, and a little bit before that we explained in this same blog why learning with robotics is such a good idea. We assume you know that we do have a robotics online course for kids, and therefore, today we want to show you something different, and lots of fun.

In this article, we’ll show you 5 outstanding robotics projects your kids will be able to do at home. While doing these projects they’ll gain an interesting set of 21st-century skills, they’ll practice hands-on learning, they’ll discover a number of different ways to solve a certain issue, and besides all of this: they’ll be more than happy when they see the actual results of a project they did themselves.

We bring you 5 interesting robotics projects so your kids can feel this way, and so you can bond with them on a different level. What do you think?

See these very interesting robotics projects your kids can do at home!

Check out these cool projects, and if one of them seems interesting to you, we invite you to encourage your kids to take over. We’re almost sure it will be even more interesting for them than for you. Ready? Here they are!

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Mr. Hino’s Robot-Insect

Mr. Hino is always creating new, cool stuff with the LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3, and just a few weeks ago, he launched this great and very cool robot-insect. Want to know the best part? With just a little knowledge of how to program a robot, your kids could do this! Want to see the project? Bring them over and show them this…

A robot that folds your kids’ clothes… and they can build it

Do you also fight with your kids when they have to clean up their rooms? Well, maybe if you challenge them to create a robot that can do at least a part of that task for them, they’ll take it better and even enjoy the learning process. This EV3, programmed by a kid, to fold t-shirts is a great example! Take a look and show it to your kids. Who knows? Maybe they’ll want to have they’re very own, and learn lots while cleaning their room:

A robot playing music that your kids can program

This extraordinary project uses, again, the LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3, to make the robot play a song. These kids decided to program their EV3 to play a cover of a Maroon 5 song. Other kids around the world have programmed their robots to play guitar and even a harp. For now, we want to show you this video.

If your children like both robotics and music, this could be an extraordinary way to mix them both. Check it out:

Can your kids draw better than this robot?

It is just amazing to see the multiple things a kid can do by programming an EV3 robot. We’ve seen music players, clothing folders, etc… this specific one, draws! A kid programmed this robot to draw a dinosaur, and it turned out more than well. Who said that artists and programmers have to sit at different sides of the table? Maybe this can be one of the numerous meeting points where these 2 fields can encounter each other.

See how this EV3 draws, and we invite you to encourage your kids to build this same project at home. It is a pretty engaging learning experience!

Cyber robotics: Making robotics accessible to anyone

It is true. Getting a robotics kit for your kids to learn with isn’t always cheap or accessible. Most hardware options can be quite expensive. That is why there are a few platforms that have created virtual versions of these robot models to enable any kid out there to create, program, innovate and try, with just a computer and an internet connection. One of these platforms is CoderZ (and we use it in our online robotics course!). Here, kids will be able to solve several gamified missions, while learning how to code.

From dropping domino pieces, parking their robot in a parking lot, and even to following a black line, your kids will be able to experience the power of robotics in a fun and engaging virtual simulator.

On this platform, the sky is the limit, and with a bit of knowledge, creativity and innovation, you’ll be surprised by the outstanding things your kids will create.

Start today. Let your kids program their very own robot

In our online, live coding classes, your kids will be able to program their very own virtual robot. They’ll get 21st-century skills, and they will strengthen their creativity, innovation, computational thinking, and problem-solving abilities.

Give them the tools they need today and be amazed by the extraordinary solutions they could bring to the world tomorrow. Learning how to code with robots is fun, engaging, and will show your kids impressive results in a short period of time. Give it a try! We are here for you!


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