Coding and creative courses for kids
Learn. Imagine. Create.

Let your child bring their ideas to life!
We teach app development, robotics, video editing, and more
to improve kids’ problem-solving and teamwork skills.

Learn with popular industry tools

We teach our courses using the same platforms as professionals. This means your child will learn today and become an expert tomorrow.

Why choose Tekkie Uni?

There's no limit what your kids can achieve!
Give them a quality online learning experience that will encourage them to imagine and create alongside their peers.

A learning adventure!

Your child has a curious mind. We offer a variety of courses that will keep your child engaged while learning new skills.

Learn by doing

When kids make something, they get excited! Most of our courses are divided into projects which kids can share with family and friends.

Real-time feedback

Classes are time for questions and collaboration! During live online sessions, your child will work on projects and get help from their experienced instructor.


Find the course that's right for your child with 2 trial lessons

We believe in the importance of the teacher’s role, the support of the group and the power of real-time interaction to inspire kids’ creativity.


App Development For Kids

9 Months, 32 Classes

Kids will develop Apps and games for smartphones, start coding immediately, and make their first steps as digital creators.

App Development is a great way to learn coding! In this course, students create their own games and apps - learning essential tools, developing their skills and building confidence.

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Art & Video

Scratch Programming for Kids

9 Months, 32 Classes

Scratch is an object-oriented coding course for young kids, designed to improve problem-solving skills and creative thinking.

Scratch is a kids' programming language developed at MIT. Using virtual "blocks" rather than text, kids learn the logic of coding, complete fun projects and build a strong basis for future learning.

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Robotics for Kids

9 Months, 32 Classes

Kids will code virtual 3D Robots using an online learning environment, known to be the easiest, fastest and most efficient way to learn Robotics.

Kids code virtual 3D robots in an engaging online environment, making this an easy, efficient and exciting way to learn both coding and robotics!

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Art & Video

YouTube Creator

9 Months, 32 Classes

Kids will learn how to plan, produce, edit and share videos on today’s most popular digital platform – YouTube.

This course teaches digital expression through video. Kids learn to "tell a story" using today's most popular digital platform - YouTube. The course covers fundamentals of writing, filming and editing.

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Art & Video

Animation For Kids

9 Months, 32 Classes

Kids enjoy creating animated videos while acquiring digital art skills.

Animation sparks the imagination and brings drawings to life. Magic occurs when a character we have just sketched in our notebook suddenly awakens, moves around and smiles at us from the page. Animation for kids course combines the fun of creating animated videos and learning basic concepts of animation, acquiring computer skills and professional creative tools.

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Art & Video

Chess for Kids

9 Months, 32 Classes

Your child will learn the rules, tactics and strategies required to play chess, and come to know an entertaining game that combines thinking, creativity, and fun.

In the beginner level chess program, we teach children with no experience how to play, win and enjoy chess. The program will develop your child's thinking and decision-making ability and also help them acquire skills like patience and creativity, and the ability to win and lose with dignity.

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Art & Video

Chess for Kids - Advanced

9 Months, 32 Classes

Children experienced in chess will improve their game technique and learn complex tactics and strategies to lead and win at the game.

At the advanced level, we teach children who have studied and played chess in the past how to use complex tactics and strategies. The students will learn professional concepts such as opening principles, forks, and different end-of-game positions. They will continue to develop new skills and ways of thinking that will serve them in all walks of life.

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9 Months, 32 Classes

Children with some existing programming experience can learn to write code in one of the most common languages ​​in the industry
as well as gaining valuable skills for the future

Python is one of the most common languages ​​in the industry. It is taught at most universities and in various faculties, not only programming, and has many different applications. The Python course is intended for children with some previous programming experience. This means that the child needs to be familiar with basic concepts such as variables, conditions and strings so that they can learn to write code in the programming language of adults.

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Let’s help you choose the right course for your child!


I love the interactive sessions so much and the fact that my girl is so happy for the opportunity to learn coding. I listen in on the class and like how knowledgeable the teacher is and how he interacts with the preteens is awesome

Lisa Ouma , USA

Been taking classes since Ulpan 1. I have loved every teacher. They are really great at teaching, very patient and kind and always help me understand. I love learning Hebrew and being able to speak it when I vacation in Israel.

Marissa Pennington , USA

I love the interactive sessions so much and the fact that my girl is so happy for the opportunity to learn coding. I listen in on the class and like how knowledgeable the teacher is and how he interacts with the preteens is awesome

Lisa Ouma , USA

Been taking classes since Ulpan 1. I have loved every teacher. They are really great at teaching, very patient and kind and always help me understand. I love learning Hebrew and being able to speak it when I vacation in Israel.

Marissa Pennington , USA
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Look at these awesome projects our students have completed.
What will your child create?


By Walter Parker

The Live4Students app allows you to record and play back classes without having to spend extra money
on expensive recording equipment


By Patrick Taylor

Easily create sandwiches for yourself or others and track nutritional information per sandwich.
Manage your own recipes and import new ones from popular recipe web sites.

School Connect

By Sharon Evans

The School Connect app helps schools communicate with parents, delivering the school’s latest news,
events, push notifications and much, much more.


By Owen Clarke

Like a job, volunteer activities require the right matches—between the volunteer and the organization
he's serving. Voluntree makes sure that you find the perfect volunteer activity for you!


By Itay

Fair Tip allows you to quickly figure out the fairest tip you can give the waiter at a restaurant. While providing a simple interface to rate the food, service and quality, Fair Tip calculates your fairest tip according to the criteria you have rated.


By Lori Rogers

The Outfiter organizes your clothes. You can easily scroll through all your clothes while mixing and
matching different pieces to find the perfect outfit.

Physics Formulas Calculator

By Dor

This Application will help you solve physics formulas in the most useful and fastest way!


By Omer

Rush Samurai is a fun game to play when you’re bored, on the way to school or work, at home - anywhere, anytime!


“I felt like we’ve learned a lot and that we’ve been able to understand many principles in coding… overall the experience was really good.”
Review by Valerie
Step App Your Game
Pranav App Development For Kids

“Great teaching method to Juniors. My son is really interested in the programming and he tries to develop more program after that training class.”

Slender App Development For Kids

“This class is soooo good I love it. It's my favorite class. I am so happy! My teachers are so nice and the programming is cool but at the same time super easy.”

Aidan App Development For Kids

“My son loves the course. This is his first year and it started in Feb. He wants to continue with it and enroll in new classes when this is over.”


Corporate Customers

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Tekkie Uni is proud to teach coding to the children of employees at some of the world's leading tech companies.


Live, group classes

We believe that kids learn faster when in a small team. Our live, online classes offer children the opportunity to get creative and solve problems as part of a team. Not only will your child walk away with a new skill like coding, editing, or playing chess, but they will learn time management, problem-solving and teamwork.

STEAM subjects in different shapes

We combine aspects from science, tech, engineering, art, and math to teach courses like coding, app development, video creation and more. We believe these skills will launch your child into a bright future. STEAM education is a vital part of every child’s education as they navigate the world and venture to fine-tune their interests and talents.



Some kids want a once-off course. Others want to acquire a wide range of new skills. That's why we created a complementary curriculum where your child can choose his or her favorite route. Kids can enter at any stage and continue their studies for one to six years.
The only question is when to start!


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