Geometry for Kids:
How to teach it to your children in a fun way

Let’s begin from an optimistic perspective: Geometry can be fascinating for kids of all ages when explained in a fun, engaging, and interactive way. Geometry is a subject that is present in our everyday lives. Learning the basics can enable our children to acquire a thought process that’ll assist them in numerous other aspects of their studies, hobbies, and even games.

Explaining subjects to our kids that we might consider complicated is a challenge for all parents. Luckily we live in the information age! Nowadays, we count on endless resources (did somebody say YouTube tutorials?!) that can give us a quick crash course to help our kids. When it comes to geometry, there are various websites, games, and didactic materials that are useful when explaining the subject to our kids.

How do we get our kids interested in a subject that they might find difficult? And how do we make the teaching process engaging and fun for parents? Well, in this article, we intend to explain what is the best way to teach geometry to your kids in a fun, hands-on way.

Remember when we taught you how to talk about algorithms with your kids? In the next few lines, the geometry picture will be clarified as well. Ready? Let’s begin!

In simple terms: What is Geometry?

Slowly, slowly. Step by step.

If we introduce the subject by explaining to our kids what geometry is in simple, understandable, and fun terms, we might be opening a door for their willingness to learn to appear. So, how do we do so?

The first option will require some dress-up on your behalf! Get into character as an ancient wizard. Take your kids on an adventure as you tell them that geometry, together with arithmetic, is one of the oldest, most ancient branches of mathematics. Take a square, a ball, and a triangle out of your wizard’s pocket and let them know that geometry is a field about the properties of space that are related to distance, shape, size, and the relative position of figures.

You can amaze your kids by letting them comprehend that almost everything is related to geometry. Let them know that there are many things – even about outer space – we wouldn’t know about if it wasn’t for geometry. Furthermore, mechanics, astrophysics, performing arts, and design-related careers have to take geometry and its fundamentals into consideration. Whatever career path your children choose for themselves, geometry will be there.

When the explanation about geometry in simple and fun terms finishes, you can hang the wizard custom and wear it again either on Halloween or the next costume party you’re invited to.

Explaining Geometry to your kids!

It is proven that one of the best ways to explain things to your children, is by offering learning spaces in which they can experience. Hands-on activities are a great way to introduce a subject like geometry to your kids, and there are numerous games, activities, and experiences you can create for them to strengthen this knowledge.

If you are looking for hands-on geometry activities for children, you’re on the right page! In the next few lines, we are going to share some awesome geometry-related activities for kids of all ages.

Keep in mind that before, after, or during the activity, you should explain to your little ones how geometry is part of our everyday life, and how they can find cool connections between the knowledge you’re going to teach them and the little things they will find every day.

Let’s cut to the chase!

Drawing with shapes!

Are your kids seemingly allergic to math and geometry? Don’t you worry! If they like to draw and paint, you can work on their geometry knowledge by drawing with geometric shapes. There are many things that you can draw together, and we’re sure your children are going to love it!

Geometry activity for high school students

Although this activity was initially used as a classroom activity, it could be easily done at home. If you learn the basics of geometry yourself, you’ll be able to grab a piece of paper, some scissors, and explain these principles to your high schoolers.

An interactive geometry lesson using Montessori materials

Would you like your children to interact with a very cool geometry class? Show them this YouTube video in which they’ll learn the different geometric shapes by using Montessori materials. These didactic materials are a great way to learn and to truly experience what a shape feels and looks like.

Geometry everywhere: Show your kid how that geometry is in their everyday life.

Shapes are everywhere. A good idea that we can suggest is to go on a walk with your little ones so you can see it with your own eyes. Depending on your kids’ age you can either identify different shapes, measure the distance between them, or comprehend the rotation of some of the figures.

Another relation that you can do is to show then the deep connection between geometry and outer space. If that didn’t work, showing them how geometry is a fundamental part of their favorite board games, like Chess, and could encourage them to understand this subject from a more lovable perspective.

The key is to make it fun. Remember the power of gamified learning and apply it when delivering knowledge and strengthening your kids’ skills.

A fun way to learn Geometry. Make your kids own the subject!

Project-based learning can offer your children the unique opportunity to own the subject they are working on. Especially when learning concepts like mathematics, algorithms, physics, or geometry, turning the learning experience into little tasks that then transform into a bigger project can only be beneficial for your little ones.

The main benefits of project-based learning are numerous. It creates a deeper engagement and interaction with the received knowledge, strengthens problem-solving skills, develops professional networks, and creates a stronger bond between the educator and the learner.

Now, imagine teaching subjects like geometry in this format? Don’t you think your kids could enjoy it even more?

You can, for example, build a medieval city with your kids using geometry and turn it into a fun project for you both. In this project, you can mix subjects like geometry and architecture, with history and geography. Just like in real life, everything can be related to everything!

Coding and geometry: Kids who code boost their future-ready skills.

Following the same logic presented in the previous paragraphs, hands-on learning is the ultimate way to guarantee an engaging and successful experience for your kids. Taking that into consideration, you should take a look at the live online coding courses offered by Tekkie Uni.

These courses, led by most of the most well-trained instructors available, can help your children reach their full potential by putting them closer to the things they love, and by strengthening their 21st-century skills.

Everything is done in a learning environment that respects the process of each individual, and that understands mistakes as nothing more than just valuable learning experiences.

Do you want your kids to have all the tools they need to face the unknown future? What are you waiting for? Give them the methodologies and mechanisms to do so today. We can help you.


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