Building an App:
The ultimate way to develop 21st-century skills

When our kids learn by doing, magic happens. It is our responsibility to involve them in learning spaces that are safe, engaging, enjoyable and fun. If we make sure this happens, it won’t take long until we witness how our very own children reach their full potential.

Sometimes it is necessary to remind our readers why hands-on learning is the ultimate way for today’s kids to gain the abilities they’ll need in tomorrow’s world. According to numerous educational research, we can conclude that hands-on learning is a more engaging way to learn, and a paradigm in which learners can practice problem-solving and critical thinking.

That being said, hands-on learning often results in a physical or technological creation, and when our children see that they created something from scratch, their levels of self-esteem and self-confidence automatically increase.

What can we offer our kids as a hands-on learning experience? Which activities can sound appealing and attractive to them regardless of their specific area of interest? Is there something all our kids can do and then within that field, create something that suits their main interests? Building an app might just be the answer!

Our goal is to share 5 future-ready skills your kids will boost while building their very own app. Your children can build an app in a safe, engaging and fun learning environment. Are you ready to see which master key for the future your kids will obtain while creating a phone application of their own? Let’s go!

Future-ready skills your kids will strengthen while creating their own app!

When your kids are asked to create their own app, a world of possibilities opens up in front of their eyes. The proposition in all coding courses offered by Tekkie Uni is one: Anything is possible, and anyone can do it!

But, which abilities will our kids boost while building their very own app?

1. Empathy

When building their very own app in one of Tekkie Uni’s online coding courses, your kids will have to take many things into consideration. One of those aspects is how will the users respond to the app they are building. Therefore, understanding the needs of others is a must.

When translating their ideas into apps that actually work, your children will have to see how their friends and family members react to their creations. This process will enable them to always consider other people’s opinions and thoughts and conceive appreciation and criticism as something entirely constructive. A world in which people listen to each other is a better world, don’t you agree?

2. Creativity

There is no doubt that taking ideas that your kids have only in their brilliant minds and turning them into physical and technological creations that exist and work smoothly is a process in which their self-esteem levels get increased. But it doesn’t stay there…

Creativity is a 21st-century skill your kids will explore when creating an app of their own. If your children learn how to build an app in one of Tekkie Uni’s coding lessons, there will be a group of instructors ongoingly motivating your children to find different, innovative ways to do things, and to achieve their dreams.

3. Problem-solving

Life isn’t always a bed of roses. In the process of creating an app, your children will encounter several problematic situations that must be solved to continue en route to success.

When building an app, problem-solving won’t be seen as something scary and annoying by your kids, but as a unique possibility to find new fantastic ways to solve something they’ve been struggling with.

This process of looking for the right tool or solution will be engaging and fun, enabling your little ones to strengthen a skill that will be useful for the rest of their lives.

4. Assertiveness

Explaining ideas in a clear, persuasive, and assertive way is a must in the competitive world we live in. While building their own app, your children will learn how to express their ideas with both clarity and assertiveness. This will allow them to apply this new ability in almost any situation they might face in the future.

5. Critical thinking

Critical thinking is an essential 21st-century skill. In simple terms, critical thinking is going way beyond a simple “what?” to move into deeper understandings and levels of both “how?” and “why?”.

When creating an app, your children will be motivated by the Tekkie Uni instructors to swim deep into the many “how’s” and “why’s” their creations have. Passing through this threshold will make your children comprehend that they can add new layers to their interests and creations when thinking critically. Understanding this is revealing and extremely important.

Let them begin. Kids can create their own apps!

After everything you just read here, you might be wondering when and how to start. In the live and online coding courses offered by Tekkie Uni, you will find a wide range of fun and engaging classes for your kids. In all of them, the main focus will be their individual development and the finding of new paths for them to reach their maximum potential.

Kids need a supportive, safe, enjoyable, scalable, and engaging learning environment to succeed in the strengthening of their future-ready skills, and that is exactly what is offered in Tekkie Uni’s online coding courses.

You know your kids, you know they can change the world. Give them the tools they need to do so, today.


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