Empathy and Coding: Kids Who Care About Others

It is very important to teach our kids to think about others, and to understand what other people need. Kids who practice empathy on a regular basis are more likely to become leaders and to handle projects successfully, no matter which industry.

Recent studies have shown that what used to be considered a “soft-skill” in the last decades is becoming what the workforce will primarily require from candidates and employees. Even more than that, those who have founded the biggest enterprises and those who have turned small startups into giants like Amazon are those who succeeded in finding the balance between hard knowledge and social skills.

So what kinds of fields can nurture such a mindset in the generations of the future? How can we make sure our kids learn to think about others? Are there some technical areas where they’ll be able to do this? What is out there besides the Boy or Girl Scouts or a volunteer activity?

Actually, learning how to code will offer your kids the chance to practice this mindset and to think about what potential users of their creations want. Yes! You heard it right. Coding and the learning process of it will put your children into situations where they’ll be forced to think about the needs of other people and potential “users” of their creations.

If your kids take this seriously, they’ll become change-agents who can identify the needs of a certain group of people and the struggle someone is living. All of this so they can offer them a solution: a digital, codified, technological, real solution.

So how coding can help my children strengthen their empathy?

As we mentioned before, and as some of us already know, our world needs more love, more understanding. We are lacking agreements, hugs, and people who are actually able to understand what someone else is going through.

Believe it or not, coding can give your kids some of these tools. It also lets them practice while creating and developing an app.

*NOTE: See the phenomenal apps created by kids that are, indeed, changing the world

User Experience: Understanding potential users

While learning how to code, your kids will gain so much more than just the technical knowledge of how to make an app that works. A coding course will show them how important it is to pay attention to the potential users of their apps.

While focusing on the other, they’ll be able to create relevant apps that might solve an existing problem some specific sector is struggling with. Let them help!

The human factor: The social aspect of successful kids

We know we are living in a world that requires social skills from all professionals, regardless of their field. Critical thinking, empathy and teamwork are becoming soft skills that almost every employer will require from candidates in the near future.

Learning how to code will enable your kids to explore these areas of programming too. Research, tests and focus groups will become part of their coding process. See them succeed!

The educational values of creating an app

Everything is an educational process. And we do our best to turn our online coding courses into significant ones. In our courses, your kids will develop the direct and indirect skills that are integrated into the programming discipline.

Creating an app will require them to understand different kinds of people and potential users, will challenge them to create things to help these people, and will strengthen empathy in your little ones.

Begin today. Let your kids discover their empathy through one of our online coding courses

We have a lot of online coding courses and we suggest you take a look at them. We’re pretty sure you’ll find something your kids will both love and succeed at.

Can you imagine how you’ll feel when seeing the app your kids just developed to help a specific percentage of the population of the world with a certain problem they face every day? Could your kids be the creators of the next WhatsApp and allow people to see each while being thousands of kilometers away? Maybe they could create something as amazing as the SitTogether app and fight bullying in a smart, technological, effective way.

Don’t cut their wings! Enroll them today in one of our online coding classes for kids and teens.


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