How kids can make this world a better place through coding

Yes. By learning how to code, someone can not only change the world in a bigger scale but also help a specific sector or group of people to overcome a difficulty, to feel more accepted or to create praiseworthy spaces of inclusivity.

Coding enables people to create what doesn’t exist, to give functionality to an idea, and to establish a new way to see and interact with a problem or situation we identify.
There are a few amazing kids out there that wanted to create an impact and help others, so learning how to code and to create apps was only the first step for these little guys on their
journey to make this world a better place.

These 2 kids created apps to make the world a better place

When surfing the internet to look for inspiring stories, we found two (out of many more) that were simply breathtaking. These two kids began their huge impact only by learning how to code,
and today are helping others feel more accepted and creating spaces of inclusion and openness.

Alex Knoll: a 12-year-old coding a disability-friendly world

Alex is a 12-year-old American Boy with a passion to help others that is heartwarming. He is the founder and creator of the Ability app, an app that in his words was made “ to improve the lives of all people with disabilities by giving them the resources to make informed decisions. Ability App will help people with disabilities and their caregivers search for specific disability friendly features, services, and employment. ”.

Alex learned to code at a very young age but submitted his great idea when he was only 10 to Invent Idaho, a non-profit student invention competition, winning the Best Of Show in the State
of Idaho. After that, and thanks to the Ellen DeGeneres show, he even met Tim Cook to discuss his idea and to receive Apple’s support and recognition.

Everything started with an idea, the one thing that Alex needed to do, is to get some tools, like learning coding, to turn a revolutionary positive idea like this one into an applaudable reality.

Nataly Hampton: Fighting bullying through coding and programming

Sadly, like thousands of kids around the world, Nataly was bullied at her school. Instead of struggling against this unfair practice in silence, she decided to take a step forward and help
those kids who, like her, suffer from this mean and very common thing.

This Sherman Oaks teenager realized that lunchtime was the hardest time for her in school, and she decided to take action. She programmed, coded, created and launched an app called
Sit With Us. In this great app, students sign up to be ambassadors of a table in school, but only after signing an agreement which establishes that everybody is welcome on any table.

“ These are open lunches, anybody who doesn’t know where to go or who to sit with can join your table and make friends with you (…) ” -says Nataly.

During the first week since the app’s launched, it was downloaded more than 3,000 times. A big step for a girl who collaborated to make schools more inclusive and happy through the app she
coded. As she says: “ it only takes one person to change the world ” –

See Nataly’s TED talk here:\

Coding opens a door to change the world in a positive way 

Coding is an extraordinary way to let kids -and people in general- show their ideas by turning them into realities. Only by learning how to program and create an app, these kids showed the
the world that it can be different and they could let everybody know who they really are.

Learn how to code today, learn how to create an app today, and tomorrow you could be making
someone else’s life much, much better.


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