Coding And Kids: The Surprising Side Effects

Mr. dad, Mrs. mom, I have some news to tell you about your child. After the many hours spent in coding courses, and after meeting boys and girls from all over the world in this online system your kid is learning in, the side effects are unavoidable. I must inform you both that your child will now be way better prepared to face the future. Most likely, he or she will be leading tomorrow’s initiatives

Indeed. This is how a conversation with a doctor might sound like if you were discussing the programming courses your boy or girl have been taking. Today, we want to talk about a wider subject, but we must inform you from the start: We need your help.

At the end of the article you just started to read, we encourage you to add some comments telling us what are the side effect or benefits we missed and that you are currently seeing them in your little ones.

So, what are the side effects learning how to code has in our kids?

When thinking about the benefits our kids will get when learning how to code, many concepts and ideas come to mind, therefore, we decided to grab a number of them that, somehow, include some of the others within.

This isn’t only about offering our children the genuine possibility of reshaping the way we interact with each other, with technology and with the world; but it is also about them developing skills and abilities that will enable them to do so.

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Problem-solving skills

One of the main things your kids will learn while learning how to code is to solve problems. As we have mentioned before, we’re not talking here about the problem regarding the time in which the train is arriving at the station. This time, we are referring to real-life problems.

It might sound weird, but through coding and programming courses, kids can develop the ability to look towards life from a perspective of finding solutions to it. This, thanks to the required and extremely important analytical and critical thinking mindset coding learners need to have to become great, qualified programmers.

Critical and Analytical thinking

Analyzing the world around us and making an impactful and meaningful change in those areas that could be improved isn’t something everybody does.

Learning how to code can have this side effect in your kids, through their learning processes in our online courses they’ll receive all the tools they need to develop these abilities.

The good news are, they aren’t going to use them only when finding bugs in the line of code they just wrote. Actually, these, and all the abilities developed during our online programming lessons can be taken to our everyday life, implementing them in real life situations.

Computational thinking

Yes. Your children will also learn about consequences. After we mention this, consider yourself warned: Through our programming online classes, your kids will understand, comprehend and incorporate the idea that if they do A, a certain B is going to happen.

Computational thinking refers to an algorithmic mindset, a mindset that puts our kids into situations of doing a specific action knowing what the result of this action is going to be. Once again, this goes way beyond the app they might be creating or the website they are designing.

This doesn’t only refer to what is going to happen when clicking or tapping a certain button. As explained before, thanks to the abilities they’re going to develop, this same mindset, care and meaningfulness can be extrapolated into the real world, enabling our kids to better interact with it… thanks to coding!

Creativity in everything we do

Your children will become extremely creative. All of a sudden, all problems will have 4 or 5 different suitable solutions. From one day to the other, your kids are going to start experiencing life in a different, more creative way.

Thanks the tools they are going to receive, they’re going to start identifying current issues the society is facing, and together they’ll think about a technological way to solve them… all of this, while knowing they can develop this solution, and make the world a better place.

This side effect can positively affect them in their personal interactions with classmates, family, teachers, and other kids that like them, are going to create the amazing things we are going to admire in the near future.

Time is now. Give your kids a coding course and enjoy the side effects

Our online programming courses are always available for your kids. Starting today will allow them to have these side effects even faster. Who knows? You might be the father or mother of someone who is really going to change the world we, currently, live in.

It is up to you. We invite you to discover how they can change the world, and to tell us about it. We are always ready to be surprised.


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