3 Ways In Which Coding Teaches Patience

As we’ve mentioned in the past, coding goes way beyond programming. When our children learn how to code, they are not only learning the language of the future but also strengthening a number of tools that will assist them in their near future, assuring a brighter career and easier access to the job of their dreams.

Today, we’d like to focus on one of these “soft” skills; one that is extremely important for their future success both personally and professionally. Today, we are going to show you 3 ways in which coding teaches patience.

Patience and Coding: More related than you think!

Remember how we showed you the strong connection between coding and design thinking? Or when we discussed how much creativity is involved in coding? Well, today we are going to show you another interesting perspective.

We know how important it is for you, as a parent, to teach your children the real value of patience. Therefore, we want to give you some good news: Coding can help! Here’s how…

Trial and error: Discovering how to turn mistakes into a learning experience

In old-fashioned and traditional classrooms mistakes are not accepted very well by teachers and educators. According to us, that is the biggest mistake they can make. Mistakes are by far the best learning experience a child can have.

When they practice trial and error they realize that if they don’t succeed at first, there will always be a new path to walk in order to solve a specific problem, issue or situation.

When your kids learn to code, trial and error will become an inherent part of their process and therefore, they will be exercising their sometimes-hard-to-achieve patience, without even noticing. They’ll understand how valuable the process is and how important it is to wait to see the results they’ve been waiting for.

Consulting with others: Understanding the importance of different opinions

Part of being patient is understanding that there are several opinions out there and that in many cases, your own opinion can be nurtured by grabbing elements from others’ analysis, experience, and advice.

When your kids ask for your advice, they somehow understand that they might not get to the endpoint as immediately or as fast as they thought. They know that it might take a bit longer, but that the final result of their project will be simply astonishing.

In Tekkie Uni’s online coding lessons, your kids will participate in an interactive class with well-trained instructors who will inspire them and their classmates, to explore, discuss, and actively ask others how to solve a specific problem, while creating their own app or game.

Being able to respect others’ opinions doesn’t only teach patience, but also strengthens their humility and their social skills. Important, isn’t it?

 Critical thinking: Inseparable from coding

Here’s a fact: Learning how to code will strengthen your kids’ ability to think critically. You already know that there’s a number of 21st-century skills your children will develop when learning how to code, but critical thinking is one of the most important ones.

Believe it or not, patience and critical thinking are closely related. When someone stops to think, they are allowing themselves to stare at things from a different angle, to analyze the multiplicity of factors and to determine which solutions we get by doing A, B or C.

This will enable coding students to appreciate time in a new way, knowing they can do something better or even more outstanding if they just tried a different road. At the end of the day, thinking critically is being patient to try once and again different possible answers, until they find the right one… or the right ones.

Your kids can learn how to code, and become more patient

Coding can help your children become more patient. In the online coding classes Tekkie Uni offers, your kids will be able to learn from their mistakes, to try a number of times until they reach their ultimate success, they will be able to consult with others to receive useful opinions, and they’ll strengthen their critical thinking abilities.

All of this will bring them closer to being patient kids who understand the importance of the process, and therefore, to execute breathtaking projects which will leave everyone with their mouths wide open. Give your kids the gift of coding and be amazed by the results!


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