Tekkie Uni – More Than Just Coding Skills

We hear you. We’re all worried about the future of our kids and we all want to guarantee a brighter, more successful path for them.

To all of us, being able to ensure a life of independence, health, success, happiness and possibilities for our little beloved ones is extremely important.

Allow us to show you the amazing skills your kids will strengthen when learning how to code; skills that actually go way beyond coding.

So what are the skills your children will get when learning how to code?

Indeed. There are literally hundreds of abilities that are going to develop while our sons and daughters learn how to program and to create the future. Today, we are not going to discuss the important items we mentioned in this article, where we mentioned which kinds of skills our kids need to become future-ready.

Today, we want to talk about other aspects of the abilities our kids will get while learning how to code. Take a look at the following list:

Children who won’t depend on their parents forever

It is true, for every parent in the world it is weird and nice to see their children grow and become independent. But actually, getting to this point isn’t guaranteed for everyone! Some parents aren’t giving their kids the tools they need to succeed and to write their own path. Do you remember those parents who had to sue their 30-year-old “boy” to make him leave their home?

The way to independence should not be hard. Finding a way to nurture the right abilities and unique skills in our kids isn’t easy, but we’re here to enlighten you!

Our online coding courses offer a space of understanding, development, creativity and unique processes that will enable your kids to take their projects to the next step.

Coding goes way beyond coding

Did you know that through a programming course your kids will learn much more than just how to create an app, or to develop a software? Our courses also teach our kids a unique way to interact with the world. Just as we mentioned before, through critical thinking, teamwork, creativity, and with a problem-solving spirit, your kids will be able to look at the world from a different, more complete perspective. They will understand what the best ways are to make a social and important impact in those areas that need improvement.

Coding isn’t only about software and development. Therefore, we truly believe that the world needs more than just new developers. It needs people who are well prepared! We know how to give your kids these two, equally important, sides.

Happy children. Happy world. Great inventions

By gaining these skills, your children will be able to take their “coding skills” into everyday situations. They will be able to fill their and your heart by cooperating and collaborating in meaningful projects that could change the lives of many. Yes, through coding! Hard to believe, isn’t?

We all want independent, well-prepared kids who know how to turn their ideas into a reality. Joining one of our online coding courses is the ideal first step to ensuring that – and as you already know, to give our children the chance to achieve many more things!


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  1. Amanda Oosthuizen says:

    Good day,

    Tekkie Uni GETS how I feel, as a parent, about my sons future. Its all about thinking out of the box.
    Your an awesome group of people.
    Thank you all for the willing helping hand that you stretch out to stuck parents like me.


    Amanda Oosthuizen
    South Africa