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Shortly you will receive two emails. The first includes your contract and the summary of your registration details. The second email is our "Getting Started Guide" which gives you a few details you need before starting the course. No need to worry though, our adviser will help you with any questions you have.

Before the course starts

Getting Started
Your child is going to be excited about this course. S/He will enjoy creating on their own instead of just being a consumer. Just wait and see!
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Explore the online learning environment
The online learning environment is like a virtual student locker containing study materials, billing updates and direct access to lessons and recordings. You can access it here. You can find your login details in the "Getting Started" email.
Approve our Privacy Policy
At Tekkie Uni we take your child's privacy seriously. For this reason, you need to read and approve the Privacy Policy agreement located in the student locker. Without your approval, your child will not be able to access the learning environment and attend the lessons! You can do so by logging into the student locker using this address.
Install relevant software for your course
Some of our courses do require you to pre-install some software. Please visit: Tekkie Uni - Developer Tools section to see if you need to download specific software.
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