App development for kidsCoding camps from home - Ages 10-13

Kids will develop Apps and games for smartphones, start coding immediately, and make their first steps as digital creators.

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Coding camps from home ages 10-13

Our coding camps for ages 10-13 allow your kids to log into their class from their home computer, meet their experienced instructor and classmates from home, and develop apps and games of their own.

This camp invites kids to learn the foundations of coding and app development, so there’s no need for previous experience. They will write code, design apps involving both graphics and sound, and then install the apps they develop on their smartphones.


Main takeways
  • Level
  • Weekly Hours
    10 hours, 2 hours a day
  • Commitment
    20 classes, for 2 weeks
  • Age
  • Language
  • Location
    Online Classes
  • Camp registration fee - $80 USD
    Fully refundable, includes 1 trial lesson
    We offer a money back guarantee on all our courses. Your registration fee is fully refundable during the trial period (the first day of the coding camps).
    Then $95 USD monthly for 4 months
    Monthly payments start after the trial lesson.
    At the end of your trial period, your preferred payment method will be charged monthly.
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We offer a money back guarantee on all our courses. Your registration fee $80 is fully refundable during the trial period and it includes 1 trial lesson.

Our students love studying at Tekkie Uni. This is why we stand behind our courses and offer a money back guarantee. Following the trial period, you will be charged $95 monthly for 4 months.


*If the schools reopen during the camps, you will receive a complete refund on all the classes that do not take place.

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Student testimonials

Kids have fun learning online, creating and innovating with us. Don't take our word for it - listen to our students' experience!

Course Curriculum

Students will get to know the learning environment and learn the foundations of coding Apps and games for smartphones. Starting with one button App and moving on to multiple screen Apps kids will develop and design a number of Apps that will be installed on their devices.


Be Cool

Be Cool - This is the first app your kids will develop in our courses. In this app, pressing a button will cause text to appear and disappear.


Seasons - This is a multi-screen app, designed according to each child's imagination. This is the second app the kids develop in our coding camps and install on their smartphones.

TekkieUni teaching team

TekkieUni’s teachers are highly experienced in teaching coding for children. They are the heart of the class, teaching online with enthusiasm, encouraging participation and happy to answer every child’s question.

Dr. Oren Zuckerman

How we make it work

TekkieUni specializes in operating live-online sessions with full real-time interaction guided by an experienced and attentive teacher, because we believe that with a little help every child who wants to learn – can!

  • Learning together

    Learning is all about connecting. That's why we use a video conference software allowing the small size group of children to get to know each other and their teacher. The teacher uses a shared screen option so everyone can see what she is doing on her desktop, and kids can fully participate in the lesson by using the microphone or the chat.
  • Help and Support Forum

    Learning continues after class too! Each class opens a Whatsapp group, where they can ask questions and talk to their instructor and new friends. We also have a live online forum, which is manged by the instructor, where kids can open discussions after the lessons, and get help at any time.
  • Project-Based Learning

    Students learn by doing and work on interest-based projects, which create a fun class dynamics where we don't present the answers but look for them together.

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