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Start App Your Innovation

About The Course: In the third year, we treat the children as entrepreneurs. Therefore, we provide them with advanced tools to manage tasks and we continue to work and make the abilities and tools they have acquired in the previous years more complex. In this year, the projects are more open, and there is an increasing focus on teamwork. Our program emphasizes the development of creativity, so we also work on animation and design. Children at this stage of the course are already launching applications in the cellular stores on their own. Explore Course

Dor began learning with us when he was 14, in eighth grade and learned in the program for 5 years. Dor says that he loves playing soccer and playing on the computer.

When he wanted to upload his first application to the app store, nothing stopped him… “I wanted to upload my first application to the app store, so I thought of an idea that I could implement quickly, and of an application that would be nice as my first application. First I planned the application, and then I added the design. I got good feedback, and a high number of downloads.”

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