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Step App Your Game

About The Course: The children begin their second year already acquainted with the world of application development. They understand the language and its infinite range of possibilities. Therefore, we immediately dive into the world of creation and focus on the development of coursework for various target audiences. The projects in the second year require more advanced thought processes, including an understanding of the target audience for which the application is intended, specifying their needs, creating an interface that answers those needs, and developing ideas from scratch. Explore Course

Liad began learning with us when he was in 7th grade, and learned in the program until the end of 10th grade. Liad says that he has always been interested in the world of computers, and always wanted to understand how each action that we see on our computer screen or smartphone takes place. Therefore, in third grade, Liad began learning design and technical matters on the computer, and in sixth grade, he began learning various computer languages.

About a year ago, Liad set up a business for developing applications, where he develops application initiatives intended to solve various problems in a variety of areas, business applications, and more. As part of his business, Liad also gives lectures at hi-tech companies and educational institutions on “the effect of applications on the world”, consults with companies as a young entrepreneur, and more.