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Step App Your Game

About The Course: The children begin their second year already acquainted with the world of application development. They understand the language and its infinite range of possibilities. Therefore, we immediately dive into the world of creation and focus on the development of coursework for various target audiences. The projects in the second year require more advanced thought processes, including an understanding of the target audience for which the application is intended, specifying their needs, creating an interface that answers those needs, and developing ideas from scratch. Explore Course

Noam began learning with us when she was 12 years old, and learned within the program for 3 years. Noam says of herself that she loves to dance, to design things, the edit and the program.

When she grows up, she wants to work at a hi-tech company like Apple or Google, as a programmer or a designer. Noam talks about the very first application that she developed: “We were given a task in the course to think of a game through a number of new topics that we learned, and I wanted to prepare a game that would be enjoyable and would also teach.

At the beginning, I needed to think of what content the game would have, and how I would present it. Then I began drawing a few screens according to how I wanted it to look, and I designed it. Then I thought about what figures I wanted there to be. After I had all the material, I began programming everything.” Noam says that she got a lot of compliments from friends and family members on her idea and the design. “I also got a few suggestions for improvement,” she adds.