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Itay began learning with us when he was 10 years old, and learned in the program for 4 years. Itay says of himself that he loves music: “I can listen to music almost 24/7.” In his free time, he plays the guitar, spends time with friends, and works on interesting projects.

Itay isn’t stopping here. He participates in various hack-a-thons and works together with people of different ages, trying to come up with unique ideas as part of the various challenges in each competition. Itay says: “The last hack-a-thon I participated in was by Chevrolet in Detroit (in the US). They flew me there together with 30 other special, super-talented teens from 11 countries, and together we worked for a whole day on solutions to the difficult problem of using a mobile phone while driving.”

When he grows up, Itay wants to serve in Unit 8200, and to gain experience there in the field of cyber-defense, to work after his military service in large hi-tech companies in Silicon Valley, and to gain experience with different technologies, while working on personal initiatives, and finally to establish his own company.