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Step App Your Game

About The Course: The children begin their second year already acquainted with the world of application development. They understand the language and its infinite range of possibilities. Therefore, we immediately dive into the world of creation and focus on the development of coursework for various target audiences. The projects in the second year require more advanced thought processes, including an understanding of the target audience for which the application is intended, specifying their needs, creating an interface that answers those needs, and developing ideas from scratch. Explore Course

Today, Pini is participating in the Tomorrow youth entrepreneur community, developing and programming applications, hardware, and participating in hack-a-thons.

Pini says that during the past year, he participated in many hack-a-thons sponsored by large companies such as ORT, Microsoft, Wix, and others. “In the Keep It Simple hack-a-thon, I worked with a group on an application called Shade, which won us third prize in the competition. I was responsible for developing the interface for the Apple Watch. “