3D Printers And The Amazing Things Your Kids Could Create

Nowadays, you can print everything! It is incredible and amazing to see how many different things, from a number of different worlds and industries can be printed in a 3D printer. The possibilities are endless, offering the kids of today a unique possibility to interact with the world in an active, bilateral way.

If you let your imagination fly and imagine the incredible things your kids could create through 3D printers, if they only gained a bit of knowledge in the fields of coding, creativity and innovation, you’ll be simply amazed. And we have a surprise for you, if you can imagine it, your kids will be able to create it.

3D printers give thousands around the world the ability to print anything from cool models of their favorite characters, to houses. And it goes beyond that… today, even food is being printed in these devices. Are we already living in The Jetsons era? Well, be prepared to see only 5 of the hundreds of great things your kids could create and print in a 3D printer.

From cool toys to useful prosthetics: 3 things your kids could print in a 3D printer

If there’s one thing we know for sure, it is that your kids will live in a totally different world from the one we live in today. In this new world, knowing how to program will be a must, and interconnectivity will define how people connect to each other, with services, and with society itself.

There are many tools for your kids to learn how to code, but we strongly recommend a live course that will allow them to learn from real instructors that will show them, hands-on, how to create on their own, some very cool stuff.

Today, we want to show you 3 phenomenal things that can be printed with a 3D printer and that your kids could easily create if they had the right tools to do so. Ready? Here we go!

Prosthetics: A printed arm, or a printed leg

Samantha Payne founded Open Bionics to help more people find an accessible and affordable solution to prosthetics. Thanks to 3D printers, she is reaching her goal, helping hundreds of people all over the globe. With just a well done tailor-made design, amazingly modern prosthetics can be printed and then used as the new arm or leg of someone who has wished to have it for a long, long time.

Just like this company, there are many others working hard to allow anyone to walk again, or to give a proper handshake. 3D printers are, indeed, making this world a better place.

Food: Eat meat that isn’t meat!

The lovely Barcelona isn’t only about the amazing Ramblas, their beautiful people and Gaudí’s art. It is actually in this Spanish city that an Italian bio-engineer, working in a local startup, claims to have invented the world’s first vegan steak made using 3D printing technology. Vegans are going to be extremely happy to find out that this doesn’t only exist, but that it is also extremely successful!

We have already seen cakes and desserts printed with this technology, but meat?! Are we facing a new era when it comes to food development? What would your kids code, create and print for their next meal? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Houses: Print your own house in less than 24 hours

Hundreds of non-profit organizations are starting to use this phenomenal technology to create great housing solutions in order to fight poverty or to face natural disasters. There are many examples of new solutions that can actually print a house in a period of time that goes anywhere from 8 to 24 hours. The concrete 3D printed houses we are talking about work in any sort of weather conditions. To prove this point, there was even a full house printed during the hard Russian winter, and they succeeded in completing it by the end!

Today, this technology is used mainly for the goals mentioned above, but do we know what the limit is? Is there even a limit? Will be all of us living in 3D printed houses one day? Maybe this is the final – and cheapest – solution for us to save ourselves from paying years and years of a mortgage? Well, let’s see what your kids can create! Give them the tools they need and let yourself be surprised!

Learn how to code. Enable them to create the next big thing

See? The world is changing and now creating the – sometimes crazy – things we have in our minds is not only possible but also encouraged. In our online coding courses for kids, we make sure to empower them with, tools, knowledge, and with the certainty of the fact that says, “if you can think of it, you can make it happen!”.

Register your kids in one of our live and online coding courses and be prepared to see how they change our world.


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