10 things you didn’t know about Albert Einstein

He might be the most well-known scientist in the world’s history. His discoveries changed the world we live in today, and his legacy is still enlightening the roads of current and future generations. His theory of relativity helped us better understand our society, our world, and even the Universe, and it is the solid base of numerous publications scientists do today and will do in the future.

But there are many aspects about Albert Einstein you might not know. In this short yet insightful article, you are going to learn 10 new facts about Einstein you weren’t aware of before. Don’t worry, we are not going to mention -once again- that he didn’t receive the best grades when in elementary school; instead, we are going to amaze you with some aspects about Einstein’s life you will want to share with your friends and family members.

Only a few weeks ago we talked about Stephen Hawking, and we thought it was time to honor the biggest and most important scientist of our time: Albert Einstein. How much do you know about Albert Einstein’s relationship with music? Or, do you know which country offered him the role of President?

Lay back and be ready, because in just a few paragraphs, you are going to be surprised. Are you ready? Here we go!

10 facts about Einstein you weren’t aware of before

We have talked about the life of many scientists on this blog. We do this because we believe it is important to learn from those who dedicated their lives to make the life of future generations more interesting, inspiring, and easy to live.

That is why we shared with you the articles we’ve written about Mary Kenneth Keller, Alan Turning, and many other personalities. But in this unique opportunity, we wanted to go to the very roots of “modern” science and share with you 10 unforeseen facts about Albert Einstein. We’re sure you are going to like them… and let’s be honest, you might even brag about them with your family and friends in the next lunch you share together.

So, how much do you know about Einstein? After reading this, you’ll know 10 new things…

1. Believe it or not, he was awarded the Nobel prize for his work on photons, and not for the theory of relativity.

2. His wife Mileva Maric was his only female classmate in his physics class. They attended Zurich Polytechnic.

3. Einstein advocated actively for civil rights, before the big boom of the civil rights movement.

4. He was asked to be the 2nd president of Israel. Can you picture him as a politician? How could he have influenced the course of the Middle East? We’ll never know…

5. We’ve talked about the relationship between science and music many times in the past. Einstein was a talented musician himself! His biggest source of inspiration to keep on playing piano during his whole life was Mozart.

6. Einstein had a brilliant mind. His disruptive theories and science approach changed the way we live and think. That being said, there are two things Einstein could never do: Swim and drive.

7. When he was a little boy, he started falling in love with the world of physics when his father gifted him a compass. Which kind of presents are you giving to your kids?

8. Einstein had cold feet, literally. In one opportunity, he said that during his time at Oxford he never wore socks. What do you think about this?

9. His well-known theory of relativity has helped thousands of scientists understand how the universe actually works.

10. Einstein’s brain was stolen after his death. Thomas Harvey, a Princeton pathologist, removed Einstein’s brain during the autopsy and kept it in the hope of unlocking the secrets of his genius.

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