Best D.I.Y. STEAM experiments to get dirty!

We strongly believe that hands-on learning is one of the best ways to encourage our kids to learn and to increase their levels of self-confidence and independence. This article offers a list of easy-to-do STEAM-related experiments that you can do at home for educational, but fun play-time with your kids.

The field of STEAM subject enables parents and educators to do extraordinary activities that involve science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics, to make children fully comprehend how the world works and what can they do to turn it into a better place.

These interactive experiments are not only fun to do as a family activity, but will also nurture your little ones with endless 21st-century skills that will be highly beneficial for whatever career path they choose for themselves. Creativity, strategic thinking, teamwork, and critical thinking are only a few of the abilities your kids will strengthen when learning with these fun STEAM experiments.

In this opportunity, we decided to take it one step further and bring you 3 STEAM experiments to get dirty! So put on some clothes you can get dirty in and enjoy these activities with your kids.

Get your hands dirty: Cool STEAM activities for kids and adults

In the past, we showed you different kinds of STEAM activities to do at home with your kids. Remember when we showed you some very cool STEAM activities with water? Well, now we are going to share some other science-related activities you can do with your kids in which you will most definitely get dirty.

These are not just a few interesting STEAM activities for kids, but rather some science experiments that your kids will enjoy!

Are you ready to check them out? Here we go!

1. Turning dirty water into clean water

How many times have you wanted to turn dirty water into clean(er) water? Well, in this cool STEAM experiment you and your kids will learn how to clean dirty water by using only a few elements that are very easy to find. You will need some sand, rocks, a bottle, and cotton balls. Easy, isn’t it?

Let your kids get their hands dirty with this cool and fun experiment, and be amazed by their reactions! During this experiment, we encourage you to explain to them why this happens and what is the science behind it.

What do you say?

2. Pollution Catcher: Helping clean our planet!

You don’t need to live in Santiago de Chile or in Mexico City to suffer from pollution. Pollution is everywhere! This easy-to-build science model will not only show you how much pollution you guys have around you but will also help Planet Earth. Impressive, don’t you think?

Let yourself be surprised with the results, and help clean the planet!

3. Pepper and Water Science Trick

This is a great STEAM experiment for young children. Teach your children about particles and science with a simple STEAM activity they’ll love. You only need a plate, water, pepper, and soap. We’re sure you have all of these elements at home.

Check it out here:

4. The importance of washing your hands: Teaching our kids about germs

The COVID-19 pandemic is still around, and we must wash our hands pretty often! In this great video, you’ll find a selection of experiments that will help you teach your kids about germs and about the importance of washing your hands.

In a moment of history like the one we are going through today, these STEAM experiments become more relevant. Check them out!

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There’s one thing we know for sure: We know very little about the future!

What we do know is that our kids have to strengthen many skills that will help them face, overcome and succeed in the numerous challenges this unknown future is going to bring. Therefore, abilities such as creative thinking, critical thinking, teamwork, and problem-solving are essential to guarantee their future success.

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