Challenges parents face when kids learn online

It has been a difficult couple of months for the entire world. We have not only been dealing with an unknown virus that is threatening humanity, but besides that, the way in which we work, interact with each other, and even the way in which our children learn is drastically changing and moving into new paradigms we know very little about.

Today, we are here to show you that you are not alone. We are here to prove that almost all parents, all around the world, are struggling with the same kind of issues, and all of them are looking for hopeful answers that’ll enlighten their paths and future strategies.

We want to go over the challenges parents face when our kids learn online. We do not want to focus only on the experience ourselves and our kids have during a lockdown, but actually, on online learning per-se. Why? Because we believe in it, we know the multiple benefits it can have (if done in the right way), and because we have a little suspicion: Remote learning has arrived to stay, for way longer than we first expected.

So, which kind of challenges are you facing? If we don’t find them in this article, make sure to let us know in the comments below!

Online learning: Infinite possibilities

When kids use the devices they generally use to have fun, to learn, great things can happen. Online learning offers your kids the possibility to express themselves in ways they never did before, and to experience learning with no inhibition.

Online learning can be the ultimate scenario for some kids, who might be a bit shier in the classroom, allowing them to participate more, to see mistakes as learning experiences, and to gain a considerable amount of self-confidence and self-esteem.

Tekkie Uni has been involved in online learning for decades, and they have discovered a unique formula that guarantees the success of the format. First of all, Tekkie Uni has well-trained instructors who make sure to encourage children to reach their maximum potential through fun exercises, engaging activities, and a mindset many traditional teachers would want for themselves.

On the other hand, the classes and the platform are built with only one thing in mind: The student’s experience and an easy comprehension of the available tools. And last but not least, a safe environment in which kids are pushed to make mistakes, in order to learn from them. That assures us that Tekkie Uni’s students will indeed gain self-confidence to share their ideas with the world, no matter what.

Remote learning and working from home: A complicated mix

We know it is not easy. All of a sudden the office is closed, and schools are teaching online. How can we turn an experience that could be a nightmare into one that could create a deeper family bond, while each member of the family has their space and time to focus on their specific activities?

There are some tips we’ve been collecting from both our personal experiences, and from what our community has shared with us in the last couple of weeks. Some of these tricks might sound a bit obvious, but we would like to share them anyway. We never know when we will be helping an entire family live through the lockdown more happily.

A few of the things you must take into consideration is having a routine, just like when you guys were waking up to go to work and school, respectively. Wake up early, have breakfast together, take a shower, and let each member of the family go to a specific space in the house to do whatever they have to do. This will help!

Respect each other’s space and times. This is an essential part of healthy coexistence during a lockdown. If you know your kid has a break from 11 am to 1 pm, try to schedule your own free time at the same time, and if that is not possible, make sure to establish some ground rules about not interrupting, and respecting everyone’s routine.

Support each other, talk to each other, express your feelings. Create an open space of contention in which your children will feel safe to share how they feel with the current situation, how they like remote learning, and which suggestions they have to improve the environment in the house. Listening is very important. Start practicing it now… it is a good opportunity to do so.

Main challenges parents face when kids learn online

But, what are the main challenges parents face when our kids are learning online? How can we solve them? Let’s go over some of the most recurring issues moms and dads face in this complicated situation, that can definitely be turned into a pleasant one.

Learning space

Establish a clear physical space for learning. If possible, allow yourselves to not turn the entire house into a playground or a classroom. Make sure your children have their own, limited space to learn in, and that you have your own for work (in case you are working remotely).

When they have that space for learning, it will become easier for them to feel “at school”, when they have class. Also, it will enable them to separate between learning hours and fun time.

Do your kids have their own defined learning space to have effective learning time? Even if you have a small place, this is possible! With creativity and good intentions, everything is possible!

Social interaction

Your kids have to interact with their friends and classmates! This is essential for the development of their emotional intelligence, teamwork skills, and leadership abilities. But how can they play and talk with their friends while learning from home?

Well, make sure your children have a learning environment that facilitates this kind of interaction. Picking a platform that makes this interaction easier, smoother, and more accessible will make your kids’ experience much more enjoyable.

But this doesn’t only help your kids, it also helps their teachers and instructors. If they are guided by the right people, your child’s process of social interaction will be important for them and will be used in their teaching strategy.

Learning engagement

Another important question. How can your kids be engaged in their learning process while learning from home? It is very simple: make it fun! On several occasions in the past we’ve discussed the numerous benefits of gamified learning, and we’ve insisted on the fact that both parents and teachers should incorporate gaming elements, when giving kids a new skill or ability.

Only by doing this, and by adding some tailor-made tasks and challenges to the teaching strategy, will your children be more engaged in the learning process. If you want to know how the people of Tekkie Uni do this in a very successful way, get in touch and we will be delighted to explain further.

Homework while learning remotely

Previously in this article, we shared with you 3 tips that can make this coexistence better and more easily livable. But we would like to put special emphasis on respecting each other’s space and time and on supporting each other, talking to each other, and expressing your feelings. We deeply believe that adding that into your lockdown routine will benefit you all.

Online coding classes for kids

If done, online learning has to be done well. That is why the Tekkie Uni team has been gathering experience and strength for decades. Everything, to ensure the ultimate online learning experience for your children.

In case your children want to create their very own app, design a game by themselves, or even learn how to turn their crazy ideas into praiseworthy YouTube content, there is an online coding course for them.

These coding classes are conducted in a supportive environment, where students can make mistakes, and are encouraged to interact with both their classmates and their instructors. Everything is designed for each one of them to reach higher levels of creativity, problem-solving, and success.

Are you ready to give your kids the skills they’ll need in tomorrow’s world? At Tekkie Uni, that is possible.


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