Coding and self-expression through H.O.L projects

As parents, there are many things we want for our children. To begin with, we want them to be happy and healthy. Some parents might add success to this list, there are always some factors repeating themselves and come out on top: All parents want their children to love themselves, to be independent, and to express themselves clearly.

Apart from support, parents might wonder which types of activities to expose their children to so that they can strengthen skills such as problem-solving and critical thinking. Skills that will help them become more independent, and find the tools they need to achieve their own goals? Is it perhaps possible for these activities to impact how our kids express themselves and even increase their self-esteem levels? The answer is yes.

In this informative article we will discuss the power of hands-on learning, and how this practice is helping children all over the world become aware of their talents and motivations, while giving them tools to be more independent, and to express themselves in a much more sophisticated way.

How much do you know about hands-on learning? Is your kids’ school implementing some of the best H.O.L. techniques to make your children more future-ready? Are there any extracurricular activities that have this educational perspective to offer your kids?

In this article, we will cover these issues, so that you can add things to your child’s routine at home that will directly benefit their future.

Hands-on learning: Encouraging your children to strengthen their self-expression

When kids see themselves facing a new situation they have to solve with the tools they have, self-expression appears as a consequence of the context they are learning in.

If young learners, who are faced with hands-on problem-solving activities, cannot find the right tool to accomplish a certain goal, self-expression will have to be strengthened to acquire those skills and mechanisms they don’t yet possess.

It is a context in which your kids will have no other choice than to find effective ways to express their motivations, needs, and desires to accomplish something bigger. That is why, many schools around the world are currently changing the old-classroom approach for new, innovative educational paradigms in which teachers take a guiding role. This allows learners to explore everything they can do by themselves and with their own hands.

Self-expression and self-esteem: Providing a safe, caring environment

In the real world, hands-on learning is something that all adults do. There is no better way to learn than doing, and when hands-on learning is applied in an environment where children have no fear of making mistakes, and in which their guides genuinely care about their progress, a truthful willingness to learn more will automatically appear.

Many psychologists state that the best way to increase our kids’ self-esteem levels is by trusting them, supporting them, and encouraging them to comprehend that, the seemingly impossible, is possible. Through encouragement from parents and teachers, kids learn that they can accomplish anything they want by working hard and by gathering the necessary information and resources.

When our kids see that something they have created from scratch works, a new dimension in their minds opens up. When your children, for example, have a great idea for a revolutionary app and they build that app without having any prior knowledge, the next technological innovation they create could change the world.

If, on the other hand, your kids are amazing performers and want to create breathtaking content for YouTube, allowing them to do so will open their eyes and make them perceive new realities that were previously hidden for them: hard work, sequencing thinking, the importance of each stage of the process, etc.

Understanding they worked hard on a project and seeing the praiseworthy results of it will only make them believe in themselves, in their capacity, and in the endless things they can create.

Do you see how hands-on learning can lift your kids’ self-esteem and enable them to express themselves extraordinarily?

Coding and Hands-on learning: An extraordinary mix

But all of these concepts that might sound a bit ambiguous can be applied in a concrete field: coding. When your kids learn how to code in one of the live and online coding courses offered by Tekkie Uni, they will have to do it from the very first moment.

Well-trained instructors will guide them through the learning process, always trusting their capacities and focusing on helping your children reach their full potential. How? By taking out the fear from making mistakes and understanding them as extremely important learning experiences.

The best way to learn is by doing, and there is nothing more rewarding than doing something from scratch, with our very own hands. Give your kids this fantastic, unique opportunity.


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