Drones, Coding And Education

Nowadays the number of ways to innovate in the classroom is constantly growing. Today’s kids can learn in a much funnier, better, and more engaging environment than the one we grew up in. One of the latest elements that educators are using to educate better is drones. Yes, drones.

The same cool elements movie directors are using to get the most amazing shots high in the sky, and the same devices thousands of kids are using to explore different areas of their cities or neighborhoods, are now being used in education curricula.

But, how can we use a drone as an educational asset? How is this device actually related to coding? In this article from the Tekkie Uni blog, we’ll give you some tips and tricks on how to use this cool and modern device to actually make your kids learn one or two new things from their usage.

Learning from drones: How, where, and when

Drones can be used for a wide variety of subjects, both at school and outside of it, and here we present you a list of such uses.

Drones for science, biology and geography

Thanks to drones, your kids can actually explore different areas of our world. They can pay attention to the micro world details and to the macro world characteristics, in order to compare and evaluate the similarities and the differences between these two.

Instead of explaining to your kids how mountains are created, take them to the mountains, bring a drone, and explore the surroundings of it… then, it will become much easier, and of course, much more engaging for your little ones to learn.

Film-making and producing videos with drones

Another very cool thing your kids could do with a drone is to take the exact footage they were imagining in order to add it to their next video creation. One of the reasons why we opened a course for film production and content for YouTube is to empower kids to turn their crazy ideas into reality and to show them that everything is possible.

Filming the most amazing landscapes is now possible with drones, and getting to places your kids couldn’t get to by themselves is now an option… at least, to watch them through the drone’s lens.

Physics and math: Using drones to understand the exact sciences

Think about it this way: Within a drone you have 4 factors that will allow you, or your children’s educator, to use them as part of their curriculum. What factors? Speed, weight, distance, and controlled mobility.

By combining all of these elements to solve specific math or physics problems, a simple drone could become the ultimate tool to learn something new. Why should we keep using the old math problem of little Timmy going on a train and asking at what time will he arrive, when we can actually imagine little Timmy on board a drone and turn this “math problem” into a practical, cool activity to do with our kids.

There are thousands of examples, but we will leave it to your creativity, and if there’s any cool one that you can think of, feel free to post it in the comments below.

21st-century skills: Coding and drones

There are a number of paths to walk to make sure our children are actually developing 21st-century skills. Enrolling your kids in a coding course will make sure they strengthen their critical thinking abilities, their teamwork skills, and of course, their creativity.

Drones are another way of enabling your kids to take their first steps into this new, digital, interconnected world. Actually, making sure your kids learn how to code, will allow them to think of better and wider usages for drones… not only that, but with a bit of a programming background, your kids will be able to design their very own drone devices, and create even better, more astonishing things.

Are you ready to see your kids succeed? Start out by joining one of our many online, live, coding courses for children and teens. You won’t regret it. Promise.


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