Gen Z, Millennials, Gen Alpha… Where is your kid?

The world is changing pretty fast. The way our children interact with each other and with society is far from the way we used to as kids. The appearance of technology in small, accessible devices has changed the paradigm of human interaction.

In the beginning, social media’s structures were based on the ways in which we used to interact with one another face to face, but a bit less inhibited because of the screens that separated us from our listeners. Today, face-to-face relationships are based on the way we interact on social media, turning vertical hierarchies into horizontal ones, making us feel that everything is reachable.

At this point, we want to give you a few insights about the newest generations and their main characteristics. Are your children Millennials? Maybe they are part of Gen Z? Or are they Gen Alpha kids? Who knows… maybe you have one of each.

Let us tell you a bit more about these 3 generations and their relationship both with others and with technology. Get ready, this might help you understand your kids better.


Millennials were born between 1982 and 1996, approximately. As we’ve mentioned before, most Millennials are more focused on the self, are more confrontational than previous generations, as well as more idealistic. According to a number of studies, Millennials are also less willing to accept diverse points of view.

Also known as Generation Y, Millennials were born with technology and for various reasons, they rely on it to perform better at work, and in life. Even though millennials are achievement-oriented and need attention, they usually prioritize family over work.

As some of you may know, Millennials are well-known for their constant job-hopping, trying to change challenges, environments and conditions more often than previous generations. They do work hard however efficiently, and are very excited about their jobs… especially if they work either for themselves or at a very cool company.

Gen Z

People who belong to Gen Z were born between 1995 and 2015, although some research says that they were born between 1997 and 2012. According to a study from McKinsey, what motivates this generation is the search for truth. These guys avoid labels and value individual expression. In the same search for the truth, they become an active part of a number of different causes, even mobilizing themselves.

According to the same study, they believe that dialogue can indeed solve conflicts and improve the world. Gen Z’s are independent and have fewer issues being autonomous and develop high self-confidence and self-esteem skills.

Unlike Millennials, they do not depend so much on their parents. Why? For many reasons that are all related to the way in which they interact with the internet, with hyper-connectivity, and with technology.

Let’s travel to the future: Meet Gen Alpha

Children from Gen Alpha were born – and will be born – between 2015 and 2025, approximately.  These are the children of the millennials. This is the first generation entirely born within the 21st century.

For the same reason, they are not afraid of technology. They cannot conceive of a world without iPhones, tablets, or Smart TVs. Since they were born surrounded by interactive screens, they understand from the very first moment the importance of hands-on learning. Why? Because they’re not afraid of touching buttons, trying new features, and discovering how things work and should work. Old-fashioned instruction manuals? No, thank you!

Robert Hannah, COO of Grant Thornton UK said that “By 2025, Generation Alpha will number 2 billion globally. It will be the wealthiest, most educated, and technologically literate in history.

Their connection with technology is deep, necessary, and very natural. Some Millennial parents are afraid of the fact that some – very young – members of Gen Alpha say they’d rather have an iPad than a dog.

But how do they learn? By doing! Maybe this will be the generation that will once and for all change the paradigm of the old classroom to one that is more active, accurate, and relevant for tomorrow’s world. One that is interactive, that focuses on the process of each individual and one that will enable students to learn by doing. The time is now.

Coding can help

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