STEAM & Coding personalities you have to meet: Hadi Partovi

The world is getting smaller as we get more connected. What’s great about this is that we get to meet everyday heroes that help make the world a better place. In this case, a world with breathtaking initiatives. A world where people (or should we say superheroes?!) work to make education and information accessible. This allows formerly complicated subjects, reserved for an elite group of people, to be taught to many.

One initiative that fits into this description is the Hour of Code, an extraordinary project from The Hour of Code was born to show the world that any kid can learn the basics of coding and that all children can participate in the wide field of computer science. In this post, we look at the origin story of one of the co-founders, Hadi Partovi.

Hadi Partovi: The man behind The Hour of Code and

Partovi is a tech entrepreneur who has founded a number of initiatives in the world of educational technology. However, he is much more than just the founder of and the main creator behind The Hour of Code. He is a brilliant-minded individual with a vision to reach the world. He wants to enable kids around to globe to experience coding and programming in a fun and unique way.

His life story is surprising and amazing, and his adventures and trials in the world of innovation and technology can be truly inspiring for adults and kids alike. Born in Tehran, Iran, Partovi did not receive computer science classes at school, so he was obligated to teach himself to code at home. After immigrating to the United States with his family, he spent his vacations working as a junior software engineer to help his parents pay for both his high school education and college degree.

After graduating from Harvard with a Master’s Degree in Computer Science, Partovi started a career in the technology field. He began his journey at Microsoft, only to become the founder of two start-ups (one of them was later acquired by Microsoft). Since he truly believes in the real value of entrepreneurship, Partovi invests and advises other technology startups.

Mixing technology and education

It was in 2013 when the twin brothers launched the education non-profit This is a non-profit organization and website that aims to encourage school students worldwide to learn computer science in a non-traditional way.

One of the main things has done, is that it has established computer science classes reaching almost half of all US students., the organization where Hadi serves as CEO, created the most widely-used curriculum platform for K-12 computer science, and launched the international Hour of Code initiative that reaches hundreds of millions of students in almost every single country around the globe.

Some of the courses offered by Tekkie Uni have taken place in the Hour of Code initiatives in the past.

Partovi’s interest in education has been passed down to him from his family. His love and passion for changing the world we live in through the shift of current educational paradigms is not something that appears out of nowhere. In an interview Partovi gave to “Communications of the ACM”, he said that he has education in his blood, because “My dad co-founded the main tech university in Iran, effectively the MIT of Iran, called Sharif University. My dad and uncle were chairs of the Physics Department. So, I’ve always had education in my background.”

Tomorrow’s world needs programmers

According to one of Partovi’s recent quotes, he estimates that over 1.5 million programmers are going to be needed in the next six or seven years. So, what are you doing about this? Are you giving your children the tools they need to succeed in the future?

Inspired by the need to teach kids how to code in a fun, engaging and enjoyable way, the courses offered by Tekkie Uni will enable your kids to learn how to program, animate, or create their very own YouTube content in a learning environment that is safe and encouraging.

The main goal, besides giving your children the ultimate possibility to strengthen their 21st-century skills, is to increase their self-esteem levels, by allowing them to express themselves freely, without the fear of making mistakes. Why? Because in our online coding lessons, mistakes are nothing else than just priceless learning experiences.


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