How can coding truly help:
An interview with Ivgi

You might have asked yourself on multiple occasions why coding is such an important skill to learn. We don’t blame you! We grew up in a society where knowing one or two additional languages meant that we had an advantage over our peers. But things have changed and in this competitive world we live in, that is no longer enough.

You have to take into consideration that tomorrow’s world structure is still uncertain, and that our kids will have to face challenges and problems we never had to deal with. Therefore, the tools our children need must be comprehensive, encompassing an array of skills, industries and abilities.

To better understand this situation, we decided to have a conversation with Ivgi, the Head of Tekkie Uni. He is an expert in the field and has been working with innovation, technology and education for more than 10 years.

What drove Ivgi to teach coding for kids?

For a long time, before starting Tekkie Uni, Ivgi wanted to combine innovation with education and technology. Since he was a young parent, he could see his children in the formal education system and he was sure there was another way to do things. That was his main inspiration.

He saw that all of this was actually possible and viable when his partner, Shmulik Miller asked Ivgi to join in running a coding camp for employees’ kids in IBM. It was right there when Ivgi received phenomenal feedback while working with these young minds. As he thought before, there was another way to do things.

Ivgi’s explains coding as a means to an end

1. Why do you think are the main benefits of coding in kids?

Kids feel motivated to learn due to the fact they see outputs and results very fast. Although, that truly depends on both the learning environment and on how you teach. Also, it provides the tools and develops characteristics that will definitely help them solve problems, think creatively, organize their thoughts and the value of responsibility.

On the other hand, coding is the second most important language in the world. In the near future, if you don’t speak coding, you will have to pay someone to do it for you.

2. What happens with kids who are not into STEAM subjects, how can coding help them?

Coding can help all kids, regardless of their background and interests. Also in fields that are far removed from STEAM, people have to strengthen their creativity, problem-solving skills, and leadership abilities. Coding, if taught in the right direction, should do that and more.

For me, coding is the by-product of what I want to give to the kids.

3. Is there a relationship between arts and coding? What would that be?

Again, it depends on how coding is being taught. For me, and in the core values of Tekkie Uni, we think that whenever you create something from scratch, creativity and art are playing a leading role in that same process.

4. How do you think coding can help today’s kids in tomorrow’s world?

Numerous studies show that soft skills are most important for the future and for current success. As mentioned earlier, problem-solving, creative thinking, teamwork, and the ability to organize our thoughts are going to be key to succeed in tomorrow’s world; and coding can provide those abilities – and many others – to our children.

5. Can you explain how coding can boost our kids’ self-esteem and self-confidence?

The simple fact that our kids are doing something and creating something “the grownups do”, like creating apps, for example, boosts both their self-confidence and self-esteem. The connection in the brain that is created after each time they see with their own eyes that “this is possible” and they -indeed- can do it does its job. This happens again every time they share their apps and creations with friends, classmates, and family members… and that is beautiful.

Your children deserve to learn to code today!

As Ivgi mentioned, if coding is taught in a safe, fun, and engaging learning environment, only good things can happen. Let your kids experience the power of coding by creating amazing things with their very own hands.

You’ll be surprised by the apps they can create after only a few live, online coding lessons with some very well-trained instructors who are going to always encourage them to reach the best version of themselves, and of their projects.

What are you waiting for? The time is now!


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