10 surprising facts about
Isaac Newton

As part of STEAM education, your kid’s mind will be enriched by the wealth of knowledge that came before they were born. The knowledge and discoveries made by incredible scientists that changed the world significantly laid the foundations for where we are today. One such great mind was Sir Isaac Newton. We’d like to encourage you to read this article with your kid. It’ll make for great bonding time and might just spark a genius idea in their mind!

Do you know Sir Isaac Newton?

Who is the man that Albert Einstein called the smartest man to ever live? Perhaps you’ve seen pictures of a scientist holding an apple after it fell on his head. Well, this interesting guy was called Isaac Newton. He became “Sir” Isaac Newton in 1702 when the Queen of England knighted him.

If you’re ready to learn some fun facts about Sir Isaac Newton, sit back and let’s learn together!

Sir Isaac Newton: The man behind the scientist

Sir Isaac Newton spent very little time sitting still. In fact, when he was sitting, he was thinking! He was definitely as curious – just like kids often are!

His dad was a farmer and his mom really wanted him to take over the family farm when he was old enough, but Isaac had different plans. In fact, perhaps it was a good thing that he didn’t like the idea of farming, because with his incredible mind he discovered a lot of cool things.

Let’s learn together about who he was and about some of the cool things Sir Isaac Newton discovered:

He was born prematurely. We’re not quite sure when because there was nothing like a birth certificate in 1643, but we know it was around Christmas and New Year.

He was the first person to wonder why we “stick” to the earth and why things fall down and not up. Can you imagine dropping your sandwich and see it float up in the air?! Legend has it, that an apple fell on his head and this made him start to think…what is holding us tied to the earth we walk on. The answer was gravity!

All these thoughts about gravity led Isaac Newton to write about the “Laws of Motion”. You will one day learn about this in science class.

Have you ever sat next to a window and saw a rainbow reflect on your arm or a surface? Newton realized that white light actually has all the colors of the rainbow in it. How did he do this? Well, with a simple thing called a prism – a triangle made from glass.

He became a math lecturer at Cambridge. Here’s one thing he wasn’t good at – oops! His students didn’t often come to his classes.

He was a bit eccentric – he often argued with other scientists about who was best and what were some of the most important discoveries made. He didn’t like to socialize with others. This is an important lesson – all work and no play is not a good idea!

Do you want to learn more about Sir Isaac Newton’s life? Watch this video:

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