Online Coding Courses: Are your kids ready for the future?

Coding is amazing. We’ve mentioned many times why it is so important to give your kids this necessary skill-set that’ll allow them to reach success in the near future. We live in a digital, technological world where knowing how things work and having at least some knowledge to actually making them work, has become a must.

That is why we are so proud to offer different, interesting, engaging, and useful online coding courses that deliver fundamental skills to the most important people in your life: your children.

Think about how important it was to know how to write, to learn history, or how to do math when you were in school. That exact same thing happens with our kids when it comes to coding or STEM.

Today, we want to show you a few of the online coding courses we offer, and to encourage you to subscribe your kids to one of them. Believe us, you are going to be helping them to lead tomorrow’s world, or at least some of the praiseworthy initiatives of it.

Online Coding Courses: Apps, Scratch, Robotics and more…

App Development: Tapping their way to success!

Let’s assume this: our kids spend way too much time in front of their smartphone screens. Why don’t you offer them the possibility to invent and create the apps they want to play with? Maybe then the time they do spend in front of the screen will become relevant and useful for their future career paths.

Our App development course will show your kids everything they need to learn in order to create a great, fun, successful app. They’ll be able to ask questions, apply their knowledge, and even meet other young innovators like them. Are you ready to give your children the possibility to create the future? Check this out.

Robotics: Interdisciplinary learning to be ready for the future

The era of having to get a physical robot in each house in order to learn robotics is over. Now, each kid can have their very own virtual robot, and use it to learn way more than just the basics of robotics.
In our online course of robotics, your kids will be able to learn about each and every sensor, motor, part, and physics calculation they’ll need to be the ultimate robotics experts.
No need to buy expensive hardware to deliver this knowledge to your kids, at least for now, but we cannot promise you that after the outstanding skills they’ll develop in our online robotics course they won’t ask you for a robotics kit.
What we can assure you is that, while enjoying the course, they’ll get the skills they need. Everything, from the comfort of home. Subscribe them to this incredible robotics course for kids, today.

Scratch: Colorful and intuitive programming

A few weeks ago we talked about Scratch, and today we are bringing it up again to insist on how important scratch programming for kids is. Your kids will have the softest of landings in the programming world with this colorful, intuitive, and friendly platform.

Drag, drop, and test. As easy as that! Many tools to learn how to code have a way too technical approach. When learning how to code with Scratch, your kids will have to do things in the same logical way they would do it in real-life: dragging, and dropping.
We live in a colorful world. Colors make our environment nicer, prettier and more engaging. When using Scratch, kids will learn how code by interacting with colorful and friendly blocks. These blocks will, later-on, help them understand more complicated concepts.
Did you ever imagined that your kids would be able to create a breathtaking app by moving colorful items? Give them this tool and let yourself – and the entire world – be surprised!

Cool areas to explore after your kids learn how to code

Besides the amazing courses we offer, there are other things your kids can try when taking their first steps in programming. Coding is not about sitting in the dark, and in absolute silence, in order to release a version of a bug-less software. Coding can actually be fun, engaging and accessible.

Drones and some other unique ways to engage your kids with the world of coding

Have you seen all the different kinds of drones out there? Well, someone needs to program them! Or do you think they’ll learn how to fly and how to take outstanding jungle footage by themselves?

Enabling your kids to learn how to code, will open a huge door of possibilities for them. It won’t end in our app development course, or in the robotics class, or in the Scratch online course they will take. Their knowledge will be taken to places you cannot even imagine. Their knowledge will be taken to create an unknown future, a future where coding will be one of the basic things everybody will need to know.

Are your kids ready? Are your kids ready for this future?


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