5 people who changed the world of mobile phones

All of us use a smartphone on a daily basis. We all have fun with the latest and more innovative apps that have come out, and we all keep in touch with our families and friends through these kinds of devices. Mobile phones have become so important for us that we don’t seem to be capable of leaving our houses without them, not even without an extra charger in case we run out of battery.

But, how many of us have taken the time to stop and think about all of those who made this reality possible? Do you know when the first mobile phone was launched? Do you even know where the term “smartphone” came from and where was the first one ever built?

In this short but interesting article we would like to share with you a short overview of 5 of the main characters in this history. We want you to meet those responsible for your phone dependence, and those who – without even realizing it – enabled your kids to have the chance to create their very own apps and games for mobile phones.

Are you ready to discover a piece of history you were not even aware of? Maybe after this, you will be the one sharing unheard-of historical facts with your friends. One thing is for sure: with these facts, you won’t bore them… So go ahead and share them all!

5 important people in mobile phone history

Do you know who Martin Cooper and Taneli Armanto are? Have you heard about the Simon Personal Communicator? Do you happen to know who has more chances to be the real game-changer of upcoming technology? Here we go!

Martin Cooper

Mobile phones have had a very long development to arrive at the kind of devices you are holding right now, but actually, the first handheld mobile phone was released in 1972 and was developed by Martin Cooper. He is a 91 years old American engineer who is an expert in the wireless communications industry.

“Marty” Cooper has 11 patents in the field of wireless communications and engineering, and even at this age, he is still offering lectures on the subject he knows the most about: Innovation, technology and disruptive solutions that can change the world.

Taneli Armanto

Who doesn’t like to play games on their phones? The industry of mobile gaming is huge, and every day more games are being created and/or adapted for these kinds of devices. But, do you remember the first game for mobile phones that turned all of us into gaming addicts? Let us give you a clue: it includes a snake and it was originally played with your mobile phone keypad.

Yes, the Snake game was created and developed by Taneli Armanto, and he released the game to all Nokia phones in 1997. His game is considered to be the first game for the mobile industry, a field that is now worth over US$100 billion.

But Taneli is a humble guy, and some of his closest friends and family members say that unless you are close to him, you will never hear him acknowledging that he created a full industry revolution.

IBM’s team

Most people consider the first iPhone to be the first smartphone in the world, but actually, IBM did something extraordinary many years before Steve Job’s amazing keynote introducing the iPhone.

Released between 1992 and 1994, the Simon Personal Communicator was a handheld, touchscreen phone, designed by IBM and manufactured by BellSouth and Mitsubishi. This revolutionary technology used to have a small pencil for its users to touch the screen, and even to draw on it.

For those who are really into the subject, this is and will always be the first smartphone in history. If you don’t know what we are talking about, take a look at this short video…

Steve Jobs

There is not much more to add to the one word: iPhone. The iPhone was revolutionary from the second it was launched in 2007. Steve Jobs’ team realized how important it was to combine all needs users were looking for in one device: Music, phone, and camera.

From that moment on, the world changed. The industry of app development became huge, and everyone wanted to be seen on these tiny but powerful devices. The iPhone was the first smartphone ever with a touch screen that didn’t need a special pencil or an extra device – that is generally very easy to lose – and only needed your fingers to work just fine.

Another innovation was the lack of an external or added keyboard to the phone. Everything was on the screen, and you could access the keyboard only if needed. Therefore, the mobile gaming industry got highly boosted since the appearance of this lovely and game-changer smartphone.

Do you remember when Steve Jobs launched it? Have you seen this outstanding presentation? If you haven’t, don’t waste more time and watch it right here, right now…

Your kid

Indeed, your kid can be the leader of tomorrow’s innovations. That’s right! Your child can be the next person to revolutionize the mobile industry. How? Only by receiving the right tools in order to turn all of their deepest dreams and ideas into stunning and innovative realities.

But, which skills does your child need to be ready for this creative adventure? Some of the most important ones include creative thinking, critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, and analytical thinking.

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