Tekkie Uni teaches the power of networking.
After all, it’s in our genes.

Long, long ago, in an era where we had to avoid being sabretooth cat snacks, we developed tools that aided our survival. As so-called cavemen, we had evolved into our human form. And part of that evolution was the power to co-operate.

We definitely needed to co-operate in order to capture the meat essential to our diet. (No tofu alternatives in those days!) Especially as this was the time of megafauna — where animals were a lot bigger than today. So hunting them was a tall order. Our favorite menu item was the famous mammoth, behemoths with long curved tusks and plenty of stomping power.

Human ingenuity when you need it most on a Homo sapien.

Preparation and communication go a long way to achieving results. Especially when you’re trying to drive a point (into a mammoth task).

To bring home the McMammoths burgers, we had to work in cooperative groups. Some of our spear-carrying hunters would herd mammoths into traps laid with wooden spikes. This while others of our fellows would hurl or push large rocks off the cliff faces surrounding these traps.

It can be said that, therefore, networking is in our genes. Sadly, survival wasn’t in the mammoths’ genes because it worked well. Too well. Goodbye, Mr. Mammoth. It was nice knowing you. Never forget. RIP.

The Modern-Day Caveman in his local habitat: the Mall

Some would say we’re not that far removed from our distant ancestors.

Today, our local shopping mall means no more spears and rocks. But the work to get our food and resources still requires co-operation. Almost all workplaces require collaboration. Like, for example, in the world of technology. From the latest operating systems to big-budget games, cooperation is vital.

For example, the latest entry into the Call of Duty franchise, Vanguard, had a budget of $250 million. Bigger than many Hollywood movies. These games require hundreds of people to work cooperatively on them.

We’re no cavemen, but we still teach successful hunting.

Tekkie Uni is all about the principles of a good hunt: meticulous detail on the trail; understanding the task; working together to take down what would usually appear to be a behemoth.

At Tekkie Uni, we don’t just teach your child how to code, video edit content creations, or program robots.

We teach them the critical soft skills that help make a successful career. Because a big part of what makes us different is how our online courses work: we collaborate using synchronous learning.

Meaning there’s a live classroom with a facilitator who teaches and fields questions, and offers advice. And there are classmates for your child to engage with. We encourage classmates to use our platform to socialize and communicate to collaborate.

Through this, they not only improve their coding or editing skills. But also their ability to co-operate and help one another. Whether it is challenging to get an app to animate properly or cross-fade correctly between video clip cuts, the kids learn to solve problems together.

This kind of collaboration will make them good team players in companies one day. They’ll be highly valued and reliable colleagues who have both the hard skills and the soft ones to get things done.

That’s what makes us different from other online STEAM academies. Standing alone, we only have our own raw ability. When we stand together, we draw on all our strengths to become infinitely more powerful.

That’s what our courses teach as a fundamental principle.

And the result? Your child will learn how to work well together with others. So they won’t be going after the small fry. They’ll be hunting down mammoth projects. Successfully.

If you’re interested in registering your child in one of our many diverse, but all equally compelling courses, find out more here.


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