Top 5 activities for your child during Coronavirus

Play, play and play… they play in the bedroom, in the living room, in the dining room and even in the kitchen.

How much can a child play without getting tired and leaving the crime scene ready for a cleaning squad to intervene? With the house (almost) destroyed, and no time to clean it up; that’s the never-ending scenario for many parents today.

Although quarantine took everyone by surprise and some thought they simply couldn’t generate more energy to work with their children at home, the coronavirus did not ask anyone, and has flipped the schedule for all of us these days.

That’s why we’re summarizing the 5 most productive things your kids can do during quarantine. Coronavirus could be a great opportunity for kids to develop new skills and talents while staying safe at home, and all thanks to technology.

You may have seen endless options on Pinterest of how to make paper handicraft with toilet paper rolls or the fun recipes for making heart-shaped butter cookies with your little angels. Also, you may have found on Instagram the perfect mom who creates a super cool bubble pool in the yard or builds a castle in the living room with couch pillows.

But if you don’t have the time to sit around and paint mandalas with your kids all day long, and you still want them to be productive during this time without turning into zombies in front of screens, follow these top 5 activities and start enjoying their accomplishments!

# 5 Cosmic Kids! yoga and mindfulness for kids

During this time at home —and always, actually— it is important that children work on their emotional balance. As parents, we’re used to worrying about their performance at school and finding new ways to help them get all that energy out from their little bodies, and that’s why we also use to look for traditional activities like math, languages, or anything relating to sports or exercises.

But what if our kids learned how to calm themselves? Wouldn’t that be great? Just imagine yourself washing the dishes and your child is upset about something. Suddenly, instead of leaving everything and attending to your child you see them taking a deep breath, wiping their own tears and looking for their favorite doll or toy. If your children are calm at home, in these circumstances, then your stress will also be relieved.

That is why we recommend this YouTube channel called Cosmic Kids, with creative yoga exercises and meditation classes adapted for children through games and beautiful songs. Could there be anything more inspiring than seeing your little ones working on controlling their emotions?

Let the relaxation begin!

# 4 imusic-school, music lessons with celebrity tutors

This website offers music lessons with famous artists like Alejandro Sanz. Wait a minute, Who? Alejandro Sanz? Y-e-s! And apparently, he is not the only famous artist on the list of options you can choose from according to your children’s musical taste and the instruments they want to learn to play.

It’s not only that your child won’t have to leave the house to learn music, but they will learn from a professional expert with a successful career. All you need to do is log in to the site with your children and find out who they would prefer to start studying with right now!

Watch Jacob Collier talk about harmony and rhythm! So inspiring.

# 3 Langaroo, one-on-one English lessons for kids

It’s never too early to introduce your child to the English language. In fact, research shows there’s a narrow window of opportunity for kids to become fluent in a second language. This is Langaroo’s motto and their mission is to give every child the best English education, anytime anywhere.

This online school recruits only native English speakers, who are also certified English teachers with years of experience teaching English to kids. One program the school offers is for young children aged 5-11, where the teachers use stories, songs and games to inspire kids’ imagination and encourage their participation. Another program is for kids and teens aged 12-15. The teachers for the older age group use various activities like role-playing and structured dialogues on topics like social media and technology to capture kids’ attention and improve their conversational skills.

The one-on-one lessons take place online, allowing your child to interact with their teacher in real-time. They will be able to see their teacher, ask questions and even practice writing.

English opens doors for your child whether in school, travel or personal enrichment, the list of opportunities is quite long. All it takes is just a click of a button and their English adventure begins.

Click here and see your child succeed in English with Langaroo!

# 2 BAILARONLINE: dance like a “Latino”

How can they use all the energy that is keeping them awake? Well, start to dance! Dancing at home is a recommended prescription during quarantine, it’s healthy and it leaves children and adults tired and ready to sleep. But it can be a little bit boring to do it alone with no one to guide you and give you an energy boost.

This platform has a cool design, making it attractive for kids. It shows them step by step how to dance in the style they like the most, including bachata, Zumba, hip hop and reggaeton, and they have even set up choreographies with popular songs that are at the top of the charts everywhere.

You can bet that not only your children will dance but everyone in the house will end up uploading a choreography video on social media. It’s a brilliant option that will make them shake the stress away!

Click here to see the choreography of the song “China” by Daddy Yankee, Karol G, J Balvin, Ozuna and Anuel AA, which reached #1 hit last month and you can start practicing right now! Join the Latin beat mania.

# 1 Tekkie Uni: live online coding courses for kids

We’ve reached the top of the count. So, why is it important for your child to learn coding? Well, whether you have a knack for technology, or the only interaction you have with it is cleaning the snack crumbs from the screen, you still know that this is the golden age of technology.

There are three main perspectives to examine digital interaction: the first one is consuming information online, it’s very passive but you can still learn a lot, the second is playing games online which is more interactive and very surely children are already practicing these two activities.

But let’s focus on the third option: becoming digital creators! This means being part of the innovative leaders of this era. Imagine them using all their potential, creativity and imagination to invent Apps, games and various software that can entertain them or even better – help others. In other words, Tekkie Uni gives them the tools they need to turn screen time into a productive activity.

The idea is incredible because their methodology deletes the myth of the “nerd” who has no friends and hides behind a computer. It is just the opposite! They promise that even a child that never done coding in their life can design their own App after 8 lessons. In addition to coding, Tekkie Uni focuses on developing skills like creative thinking, teamwork and problem-solving. They believe that these skills are most needed in today’s industry, adding educational values and fun factors to the learning.

Click here to see how fun it is to develop apps and get a free trial!


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