Women In Coding:
Reshma Saujani

For a few weeks already, we’ve been wanting to give the stage to wonderful women who are making a huge difference in the worlds of coding, education, technology, and programming. A few weeks ago we discussed Marie Curie, and just a few days ago we mentioned the great Linda Liukas.

Today, we want to talk not only about “Girls Who Code”, but more specifically about its founder: Reshma Saujani. Reshma is an amazing, innovative woman, who is inspiring thousands of girls and women, all around the world, to follow the path of technology in order to create the solutions we’ll all use, one day, in the very near future.

Before founding Girls Who Code in 2012, this Harvard graduate was the Deputy Public Advocate at the Office of the New York City Public Advocate. That’s right! From politics into coding, and into helping other women like her grow and succeed in this field. A field that (wrongly) has been more associated with men, for decades.

Reshma had the idea of opening this organization when she was running for the United States Congress. During that time, she understood that schools along her campaign route had a very, very low number of girls in the fields of computer science. So she decided to become an active player and to do something about it.

Reshma Saujani: An agent of change and a wonderful speaker

In this fascinating lecture, Reshma Saujani talks about a very interesting concept that we couldn’t agree with more, especially in the society we live in today, “teach girls bravery, not perfection”, she says.

In this great lecture, Reshma speaks about the need to create what she created and about how important it is to give girls more space in a world that is wrongly conceived to be only for men.

Watch this TED talk and leave us your thoughts in the comments below.

Books by Reshma Saujani

Reshma’s newest book is “Brave, Not Perfect”, and it will appear in a number of bookshelves around the world in February 2019. She also wrote the New York Times bestseller “Girls Who Code”, where she explains more about the worldwide initiative she founded in 2012.

Reshma also wrote the great book “Women who don’t wait in line”, where she first wrote about the importance of women’s empowerment.

If you’d like to see these, and other titles written by her, take a look here.

More about Reshma Saujani: A picture with valuable information

Not so long ago, on our Facebook page we published this picture to honor Reshma Saujani, and we had to share it with you on this opportunity. We truly feel she is an inspiration for many boys and girls around the world, so feel free to share this image with all your family, colleagues and friends.

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