YouTube and the Personalization of Mass Media

That time when we, or our parents, used to sit around the radio with the entire family to hear the most recent news is over. Those times when cable TV was the hottest and newest thing to have at home are already behind us. Today, audiences are requesting content, shows, and movies that respond to whatever they want to watch, and most importantly: whenever they want to watch it.

Streaming has become huge in the last few years because of something pretty simple: People don’t want to be treated like they are part of a big massive group; instead, people look for personalized and customizable content everywhere. Even brands changed the way they communicate with their clients and potential clients once they understood that this wasn’t a one-way street anymore and that what needs to rule is what we, as customers, want to hear.

Our kids, who were born into this world understand this phenomenon much better than we do. They don’t only understand, but they are also part of it. Our children are the ones creating these pieces of content, uploading it either to YouTube, IGTV, Vimeo or whatever platform they like, delivering to audiences messages that are admired, followed and shared by millions all over the globe. Yes, all-over-the-globe.

YouTube can drive your kids to success

YouTube is a friendly platform where everybody can upload videos. The rules are pretty clear; no nudes, hate speech or harassment can be uploaded (and if it is, anyone can report that specific video).

The videos uploaded to this platform can reach unimaginable places. Your kids could be inspiring others from all over the world with their ideas or thoughts about a certain situation or could be impressing others with a specific talent of theirs. Everything, just by uploading a video of them sharing thoughts, songs, instructions on how to build an app, etc.

Below we have an extraordinary example of how Justin Bieber (a few years ago, when he used to destroy less or no-property) could reach success, only by uploading YouTube videos of his musical talent.

Even though this video is 7 years old, it does show a bit of the effect YouTube can have. It is all about kids engaging in a certain type of content and sharing it with more people who can potentially be part of the wave.

YouTube is everywhere. Watching audiovisual content on our smartphones

It is a fact. Now, we can watch audiovisual content regardless of where we are. We don’t need to wait anymore until we get home and we can simply use our fingerprint to unlock our phones and enjoy either the last episode of a series we love or the latest addition to a specific YouTuber’s channel.

But what is a YouTuber? A YouTuber is someone who works in creating relevant audiovisual content for a specific small, or a wider audience and uploading these videos to a YouTube channel of his or her ownership.

There are thousands of them in every language! People who try out new videogames, people who discuss politics, young guys who record their latest pranks, children who love poetry, kids who upload videos of their latest technological creations, people who unbox new gadgets, singers, dancers, artists, and many, many more.

Kids who know how to properly edit and upload a video could gain a loyal audience that will not only follow them virtually, but that will take their opinions, thoughts, and words as something relevant and important. Therefore, here we give you 2 pieces of advice:

Take care of who your children are following on this video streaming platform

If they decide to become YouTubers, give them the right tools to do so, and explain to them that “with great power comes great responsibility”.

Becoming a YouTuber isn’t that easy: This is what your kids need

Becoming a YouTuber isn’t that simple or superficial as it might seem. Those who decide to share their stories and talents need to master a set of software and tools that will allow them to become the leaders of this video streaming platform.

Video editing software, classes on public speaking and oratory, what’s the best lighting, construction and design of storyboards, what are the best devices to record something, etc.

These, and many other areas need to be covered, and even if anyone can record a video from their very own smartphone and upload it to YouTube, there are a number of items to consider in order to transform this video into a huge viral success.

If you are looking for a place where your kids will be able to explore these areas and become experts, we are happy to announce our YouTube course and invite you to check it out. We are sure your kids are going to love it, and that it is going to be helpful for them to inspire other young souls, all over the globe.


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