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About The Course: In the third year, we treat the children as entrepreneurs. Therefore, we provide them with advanced tools to manage tasks and we continue to work and make the abilities and tools they have acquired in the previous years more complex. In this year, the projects are more open, and there is an increasing focus on teamwork. Our program emphasizes the development of creativity, so we also work on animation and design. Children at this stage of the course are already launching applications in the cellular stores on their own. Explore Course

Itay began learning with us when he was 10 years old, and learned in the program for 4 years. Itay says of himself that he loves music: “I can listen to music almost 24/7.” In his free time, he plays the guitar, spends time with friends, and works on interesting projects.

In 2015, Itay established the Joy2Day company, a small software company for developing applications, Internet sites and graphic design for private and business customers. In 2016, Itay established Teencrew, which provides hi-tech companies with a teenaged point of view on the digital world. Teencrew provides consulting services to companies in how to understand problems in the products they are developing for teens, in order to improve the experience from the product. Itay is also busy on a day-to-day basis with providing consulting services to companies regarding how to adapt digital products to teens. Last summer, he was a participant in the establishment of a homework forum together with the Children’s Channel television station. The forum aims to help children understand the material they are learning at school and to prepare for tests.

Itay isn’t stopping here. He participates in various hack-a-thons and works together with people of different ages, trying to come up with unique ideas as part of the various challenges in each competition. Itay says: “The last hack-a-thon I participated in was by Chevrolet in Detroit (in the US). They flew me there together with 30 other special, super-talented teens from 11 countries, and together we worked for a whole day on solutions to the difficult problem of using a mobile phone while driving.”

When he grows up, Itay wants to serve in Unit 8200, and to gain experience there in the field of cyber-defense, to work after his military service in large hi-tech companies in Silicon Valley, and to gain experience with different technologies, while working on personal initiatives, and finally to establish his own company. Itay talks about one of the applications that he developed, “Sumzap”: “I went out to eat at a restaurant with some friends, and when we called for the bill, I noticed that there was a problem with how to split up the bill among the group. No one knew exactly how much he had to pay. This always creates a big hassle. It caused me to think of an efficient and simple solution. What I did was I created a spec for the product so that it would be simple to use. We designed it, developed it, and put it in the online stores.”
Itay says that he got positive feedback from people who downloaded and used the application, as well as suggestions to improve it, which he took seriously.

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