Amazing apps for kids
to learn music

There’s one thing we have to learn as fast as we can, in order to become the best version of ourselves as parents. Our parenting skills will be stronger and more effective once we truly comprehend and realize that we must support and encourage our children’s dreams.

When we fully integrate this concept into our mindset, we will not only have happier children, but most likely, they will be more successful in what they do, simply because they’ll be doing something they are passionate about.

Therefore, if your kids share with you what they want to be when they grow up, support those ideas, and make sure to give them all the right tools they’ll need to succeed in that area. That being said, there are numerous skills that are useful and effective, regardless of your child’s career choice. There are abilities they must get in order to succeed in the world of the future if they decide to be either an engineer or an actor. These abilities are for all.

But, what abilities are we talking about? Well, creativity for example, is a skill all kids must strengthen, because it will help them to become better problem solvers, and to think critically when facing whatever issues or problems they have in the near future.

Now, how can you give your kids these and other fundamental skills? What can you do for them to strengthen these abilities and become successful in the path they decide on for themselves? There are several ways, but one of them that has proven to be fun, engaging, and effective is music.

In this article, we are going to show you the best apps for your kids to learn music, and we are going to go over the connection between music and coding: Two wonderful ways for your children to gain the ultimate 21st-century skills.

Music and coding

If you are one of our skeptical readers, you might feel there is no direct connection between these two fields. How can music and coding be connected? As we said in a previous article we published on this subject, neuro-scientific research assures us that music helps skill development in language, processing, perception, literacy, mathematics and a number of different areas. Just like coding!

When we think about music and coding, we think about two fields that have one very important academic asset in common: Both of these areas are better learned and incorporated when it is taught through experiences and through hands-on learning.

Can you imagine your child learning how to play guitar, with an invisible guitar? Or how to play saxophone only with the theoretical approach? We know the answer!

Just like when learning music, or how to play an instrument; building your own app requires lots of trial and error, imagination, creativity, and the willingness to get your hands dirty to create something from scratch.

So, not only by delivering your children all the 21st-century skills they need, but also by showing us the huge importance of hands-on learning, coding and music are closely related. Don’t you think?

The power of music in kids

Lots of research has shown the power of music in kids. You must have read about Baby Mozart, and about the multiple benefits of exposing our children to music from a very early age. Kids tend to respond differently to stimulations, depending on the music you listen to and play for them.

During a musical activity, your kids will practice their self-regulation skills. Actually, when parents sing to their children, they are helping the little ones manage both their physical needs, and their emotions.

Music helps children improve their brain power, it teaches them patience, it directly influences their creativity, and it is a great source to stimulate their self-expression, self-confidence, and self-esteem.

Are you ready to start playing more music with your children? If you are currently doing this, share which songs are your kids’ favorites in the comments below.

Great apps for kids to learn music

Let’s cut to the chase! You already understood how important music is for your kids’ development. There are multiple apps that can help your kids learn music, and therefore, gain and strengthen skills and abilities such as creativity, imagination, problem solving and self-confidence.

In the following lines, we are going to show you 4 of these amazing apps for kids to learn music. Are you ready? Be prepared! Your child might be the next Elvis or Freddie Mercury… but with a happier and healthier ending.

Magic Piano

With this great and friendly app, your kids will be able to learn the very basics of piano while playing a variety of popular songs that are offered within the app.

But here there is much more than just the chance to learn piano by playing some songs from Frozen or some hits by John Legend; in this app, your children can control the rhythm and the tempo, adjust the difficulty level, and even create their own music with an in-app composer.

Ready to have a piano player at home?

Baby Mozart

If you happen to have newborns or toddlers at home, this app is one of the best options for your children to take their first steps in the world of music. As they describe themselves in the different app stores, “Baby Mozart Music provides classical Mozart music for babies to go to sleep with soothing night sounds.”

They claim to have “(…) some of the best relaxing Mozart classical music for babies brain development, kids and children to relax and sleep (…)”.

The Mozart effect, very famous nowadays, it’s the idea, based on research, that if children or babies listen to classical music often, they will become more intelligent, and their brain will be more developed.

Take a look at this app!

Sound Rebound

Sound Rebound is a great app that offers your kids a unique experience that mixes music and sounds with colors and shapes. It is an engaging amalgam of senses that enable users to learn music while getting an eye-catching visual they will definitely appreciate.

These 2-D shapes mixed with sound and music create an immersive experience you and your children will not want to miss.


Last but not least, Yousician. This app is phenomenal, and it allows users to learn how to play guitar, piano, ukulele, bass, and even voice. Don’t worry! You won’t have a virtual instrument here and thanks to the artificial intelligence this app has, your kids’ learning process with their own instruments will be faster, more fun and more enjoyable.

Through a number of virtual lessons, your kids will learn how easy it is to become a musician, and how engaging it can be if they play the songs they love the most on their cherished music instrument.

Music and coding are just around the corner!

Your kids can also get fantabulous 21st-century skills while creating their very own app, while designing their first video-game, or even while thinking about a YouTube video they would like to create, edit and publish.

Just like with music, your kids can become critical thinkers, problem solvers, and creative-thinkers by learning how to code. Coding and the abilities they’ll strengthen while doing so, will assist them throughout their entire lives, regardless of the career path they pick for themselves.

Take a look at the live, online coding courses for kids offered by Tekkie Uni, and let yourself be surprised. The time to give them the tools they need is now. What are you waiting for?


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