Music and Coding: The Amazing Similarities

We know the wonderful effects music has on our kids’ brains during their early ages. Research has shown that classical music can have an important impact on the development of their brain and in the way they’ll perceive the world in the near future.

Also, playing an instrument is known to be a fantastic activity for kids, teaching them discipline, structure, critical thinking as well as showing them the spectacular results they can have when they put effort and perseverance into the things they do.

Today, another field is catching the attention of researchers when it comes to the brain development of kids and teens: that field is coding. Coding isn’t here to replace music or the learning process of how to play a certain instrument. Rather, coding can complement music; holding hands together to offer our kids a better future, because that is the most important thing, isn’t it?

How music and coding can help our kids think and act better

If our main goal as parents is to have kids that are better prepared for the future, making music and coding part of our kids’ education, molding and training become a must.

Today we live in a world that requires more from our kids than what was requested from us a few decades ago. Critical thinking, problem-solving, orchestration and teamwork become more relevant and important each day, both for the future workforce and for society itself.

The effects of music in the development of the brain

We’ve been hearing this for years. Neuro-scientific research assures us that music helps skill development in language, processing, perception, literacy, mathematics and many other areas.

Getting a few musical instruments for your kids to experiment with can add a new, different dimension to your home that can also help your kids develop more areas of their brains and get useful skills for their – and our – future.

This can also happen if your kids learn how to code. When thinking about a certain app they want to create and all of the steps they need to go through to achieve this goal, your kids will also strengthen their language, processing and perception skills.

Can you imagine the outstanding talents they could develop if they do both, or if they find a way to mix coding and music in the one activity?

Coding: The new kid on the block to create well-prepared children!

The skills mentioned above, together with critical-thinking, problem-solving abilities, and teamwork, can be delivered to your kids through a coding course. Recent studies show that coding isn’t only a field where kids can develop these skills, but that will also be necessary to guarantee their success.

More than 2 million STEM jobs in the United States won’t have anyone to fill them! Are you ready to introduce your kids to these necessary skills?

At the same time, kids who play instruments and get into the field of music at an early age improve their academic success, are encouraged to create and build social connections (remember when we discussed Vygotsky?), have more self-confidence, and are more disciplined and patient.

Education is built through and for social interaction, therefore, fields like coding and music are here to help parents make sure their kids have all of the tools they need to lead tomorrow’s world.

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Give your kids the possibility to experience these 2 worlds, today!

As we mentioned before, coding isn’t here to replace music! These two fields are very similar when we think about the positive effect they have on our kids. We invite you to explore both music and coding when planning extracurricular activities for your children.

If you enroll your kids in one of our online coding courses, they could even listen to some highlighted music pieces while they create their next, praiseworthy app, an app that could even help other kids experience musical training. Because today, everything is possible!


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